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Series and Journals
Bookcover  European Studies - An Interdisciplinary Series in European Culture, History and Politics
European Studies
An Interdisciplinary Series in European Culture, History and Politics

(formerly Yearbook of European Studies/Annuaire d'Etudes Européennes)

ISSN 1568-1858 (formerly ISSN 0920-4792)

Executive Editor:
Menno Spiering, University of Amsterdam

Series Editors:
Robert Harmsen, Université du Luxembourg
Joep Leerssen, University of Amsterdam
Menno Spiering, University of Amsterdam
Thomas M. Wilson, Binghamton University, State University of New York

“…excellent European Studies series…”
Journal of Common Market Studies, vol.43, no.5, 2005

Dr. Menno Spiering
European Studies
University of Amsterdam
Spuistraat 134
The Netherlands

Fax: ++ 31 20 525 4625


SUBSCRIPTIONS (starting 2012)
- There is no annual subscription rate.
- The prices vary per volume, depending on the number of pages.

Subscription options:
Online-only access : 80 % (of the print and online price)
Print : 90% (of the print and online price)
Print and online : 100%
32  European Encounters., Reijnen, Carlos and Marleen Rensen (Eds.) NEW
31  European Anti-Catholicism in a Comparative and Transnational Perspective., Werner, Yvonne Maria and Jonas Harvard (Eds.)
30  European Cultural Memory Post-89., Mithander, Conny, John Sundholm and Adrian Velicu (Eds.)
29  Multilingual Europe, Multilingual Europeans., Marácz, László and Mireille Rosello (Eds.)
28  Europeanisation and Hibernicisation., McCall, Cathal and Thomas M. Wilson (Eds.)
27  The European Union and China., Wiessala, Georg, John Wilson and Pradeep Taneja (Eds.)
26  Editing the Nation’s Memory., VAN HULLE, Dirk and Joep LEERSSEN (Eds.)
25  The European Union and Asia., ANDERSON, Peter and Georg WIESSALA (Eds.)
24  Media and Cultural Policy in the European Union., SARIKAKIS, Katharine (Ed.)
23  Urban Mindscapes of Europe., WEISS-SUSSEX, Godela with Franco BIANCHINI (Ed.)
22  Food, Drink and Identity in Europe., WILSON, Thomas M. (Ed.)
21  New Zealand and Europe., LUCIANO, Bernadette and David G MAYES (Eds.)
20  Euroscepticism:, HARMSEN, Robert and Menno SPIERING (Eds.)
19  Culture and Cooperation in Europe’s Borderland., ANDERSON, James, O'DOWD, Liam and Thomas M. WILSON (Eds.)
18  The New Georgics., KORTHALS ALTES, Liesbeth and Manet van MONTFRANS (Eds.)
17  Morality and Justice:, BATLEY, Edward and David BRADBY (Eds.)
16  Britain at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century., BROICH, Ulrich and Susan BASSNETT (Eds.)
15  Beyond Boundaries., HOLLIS, Andy (Ed.)
14  Europeanization:, HARMSEN, Robert and Thomas M. WILSON (Eds.)
13  Germany and Eastern Europe., BULLIVANT, Keith, Geoffrey GILES and Walter PAPE (Eds.)
12  Nation Building and Writing Literary History., SPIERING, Menno (Ed.)
11  Expanding European Unity - Central and Eastern Europe., MARÁCZ, László (Ed.)
10  Europe - The Nordic Countries., SWANSON, A. and B. TÖRNQVIST (Eds.)
Robespierre -Figure Reputation., JOURDAN, Annie (Ed.)
Machiavelli:, LEERSSEN, Joep and Menno SPIERING (Eds.)
Borders and Territories., LEERSSEN, J.Th. and M. van MONTFRANS (Eds.)
The Disintegration of Yugoslavia., HEUVEL Martin van den and Jan G. SICCAMA (Eds.)
National Identity:, LEERSSEN, J.TH. and M. SPIERING (Eds.)
Italy - Europe., BRUYNING, L.F. and J.Th. LEERSSEN (Eds.)
France - Europe., LEERSSEN, J.Th. and M. van MONTFRANS (Eds.)
Britain in Europe., BOXHOORN, A., J.Th. LEERSSEN and M. SPIERING (Eds.)

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