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Series and Journals
Bookcover  Value Inquiry Book Series
Value Inquiry Book Series

ISSN 0929-8436

Founding Editor:
Robert Ginsberg

Executive Editor:
Leonidas Donskis, Professor and Vice-President for Research at ISM University of Management and Economics, Lithuania.

Associate Editors:
G. John M. Abbarno, George Allan, Gerhold K. Becker, Raymond Angelo Belliotti, Kenneth A. Bryson, C. Stephen Byrum, Harvey Cormier, Robert Delfino, Rem B. Edwards, Malcolm D. Evans, Roland Faber, Daniel B. Gallagher, Andrew Fitz-Gibbon, Francesc Forn I Argimon, William C. Gay, Dane R. Gordon, J. Everet Green, Heta Aleksandra Gylling, Matti Häyry, Brian G. Henning, Steven V. Hicks, Richard T. Hull, Michael Krausz, Mark Letteri, Olli Loukola, Vincent L. Luizzi, Hugh P. McDonald, Adrianne McEvoy, Danielle Poe, Peter A. Redpath, Arleen L.F. Salles, John R. Shook, Eddy Souffrant,Tuija Takala, Stella Villarmea, Emil Višnovský, Anne Waters, James R. Watson.

The Value Inquiry Book Series (VIBS) is an international scholarly program, founded in 1992 by Robert Ginsberg, that publishes philosophical books in all areas of value inquiry, including social and political thought, ethics, applied philosophy, aesthetics, feminism, pragmatism, personalism, religious values, medical and health values, values in education, values in science and technology, humanistic psychology, cognitive science, formal axiology, history of philosophy, post-communist thought, peace theory, law and society, and theory of culture.


African-American Philosophy, (AFAM), Edited by J. Everet Green, Rockland Community College.

Central-European Value Studies (CEVS), Edited by Emil Visnovský, Slovak Academy of Sciences

Cognitive Science
(CS), Edited by Francesc Forn I Argimon

Contemporary Whitehead Studies (CWS), edited by Roland faber, Claremont School of Theology and Brian G. Henning, Gonzaga University, USA.

Contemporary Russian Philosophy (CRP), edited by William C. Gay, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA.
Associate editor: Mikhail Sergeev, University of the Arts, Philadelphia

Daisaku Ikeda Studies
(DIS), Edited by George David Miller, Lewis University

Development Ethics , Edited by Aleksandra Gylling, University of Helsinki.

Ethical theory and practice (ETP), Edited by Olli Loukola, University of Helsinki, Finland

Hartman Institute Axiology Studies (HIAS), edited by Steve Byrum and Rem B. Edwards.

Histories and Addresses of Philosophical Societies (HAPS), edited by Richard T. Hull, Professor Emeritus, Department of Philosophy, State University of New York at Buffalo.

Holocaust and Genocide Studies (HGS), edited by James R. Watson.

Indigenous Philosophies of the Americas (IPA), Edited by Anne Waters

Interpretation and Translation (IT), Edited by Michael Krausz

Lived Values, Valued Lives (LVVL), Edited by Richard T. Hull

Nordic Value Studies
(NVS), Edited by Matti Häyry, The University of Manchester.

Philosophies of the Caribbean (PC), Edited by Eddy Souffrant, Marquette University, USA

Philosophy and Psychology (PAP), Edited by Mark Letteri.

Philosophy and Religion
(PAR), Edited by Kenneth A. Bryson, University College of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Philosophy and Women (PW), Edited by Adrianne McEvoy, Mansfield University

Philosophy in Latin America (PILA), Edited by Arleen Salles, Montclair State University

Philosophy in Spain (PSP), Edited by Stella Villarmea, University of Alcalá de Henares

Philosophy, Literature, and Politics (PLP), Edited by Leonidas Donskis and J.D. Mininger

Philosophy of Education (PHED), edited by George Allan and Malcolm D. Evans

Philosophy of Peace (POP), Edited by edited by Danielle Poe, University of Dayton, USA.

Philosophy of Sex and Love (PSL), Edited by Adrianne McEvoy, Mansfield University

Post-Communist European Thought (PCET), Edited by Dane R. Gordon, Rochester Institute of Technology

Social Philosophy (SP), Edited by Andrew Fitz-Gibbon, State University of New York, Cortland

Studies in Applied Ethics (SAE), Edited by Gerhold K. Becker, Hong Kong Baptist University

Studies in Existentialism
Studies in Existentialism (SE), Edited by Mark Letteri

Studies in Jurisprudence (SJ), edited by Vincent L. Luizzi, Southwest Texas State University.

Studies in Pragmatism and Values (SPV), Edited by Hugh P. McDonald, New York City College of Technology.

Studies in the History of Western Philosophy (SHWP), edited by Robert Delfino, St. John's University.

Universal Justice
(UJ), edited by Steven V. Hicks, Queens College, The City University of New York.

Values in Bioethics
(ViB), Edited by Matti Häyry, The University of Manchester, and Tuija Takala, University of Helsinki

Values in Italian Philosophy (VIP)

VIBS is co-sponsored by:

Adler School of Professional Psychology
American Indian Philosophy Association
American Maritain Association
American Society for Value Inquiry
Association for Process Philosophy of Education
Canadian Society for Philosophical Practice
Center for Bioethics, University of Turku
Center for Professional and Applied Ethics, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Central European Pragmatist Forum
Centre for Applied Ethics, Hong Kong Baptist University
Centre for Cultural Research, Aarhus University
Centre for Professional Ethics, University of Central Lancashire
Centre for the Study of Philosophy and Religion, University College of Cape Breton
Centro de Estudos em Filosofia Americana, Brazil
College of Education and Allied Professions, Bowling Green State University
College of Liberal Arts, Rochester Institute of Technology
Concerned Philosophers for Peace
Conference of Philosophical Societies
Department of Moral and Social Philosophy, University of Helsinki
Gannon University
Gilson Society
Haitian Studies Association
Ikeda University
Institute of Philosophy of the High Council of Scientific Research, Spain
International Academy of Philosophy of the Principality of Liechtenstein
International Association of Bioethics
International Center for the Arts, Humanities, and Value Inquiry
International Society for Universal Dialogue
Natural Law Society
Philosophical Society of Finland
Philosophy Born of Struggle Association
Philosophy Seminar, University of Mainz
Pragmatism Archive at The Oklahoma State University
R.S. Hartman Institute for Formal and Applied Axiology
Research Institute, Lakeridge Health Corporation
Russian Philosophical Society
Society for Iberian and Latin-American Thought
Society for the Philosophic Study of Genocide and the Holocaust
Unit for Research in Cognitive Neuroscience, Autonimous University of Barcelona
Yves R. Simon Institute

For more information on publishing within VIBS write:

European Parliament
Bât. Altiero Spinelli 10G217
60, rue Wiertz / Wiertzstraat 60
B-1047 Bruxelles/Brussel


VIBS Style Sheet
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VIBS Style Sheet
277  Beauty, Responsibility, and Power., Koczanowicz, Leszek and Katarzyna Liszka (eds) NEW
276  Global Studies Encyclopedic Dictionary., Chumakov, Alexander N., Ivan I. Mazour and William C. Gay (eds). With a Foreword by Mikhail Gorbachev. NEW
274  Jewish Thought, Utopia, and Revolution., Namli, Elena, Jayne Svenungsson and Alana M. Vincent (Eds.) NEW
273  Environmental Philosophy., McDonald, Hugh P. NEW
272  Being in America., Henning, Brian G. and David Kovacs (Eds.)
271  The Ancients and Shakespeare on Time., Nowak, Piotr NEW
270  Reality and Culture., Hanna, Patricia (Ed.)
269  Kierkegaard’s Indirect Politics., Ryan, Bartholomew
268  Peace Philosophy and Public Life., Moses, Greg and Gail Presbey (Eds.)
267  Narrative Ethics., Lothe, Jakob and Jeremy Hawthorn (Eds.)
265  Amor Dei in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries., Bellusci, David C.
264  Beyond Aesthetics and Politics., Skowronski, Krzysztof Piotr
263  Trust., Mäkelä, Pekka and Cynthia Townley (Eds.)
262  Discussing Modernity., Koczanowicz, Dorota, Leszek Koczanowicz, and David Schauffler (Eds.)
261  The End of Prisons., Nagel, Mechthild E. and Anthony J. Nocella II (Eds.)
260  The Conspiracy of the Prince of Macchia & G. B. Vico., Pinton, Giorgio A.
259  Jesus or Nietzsche., Belliotti, Raymond Angelo
258  Oneness and the Displacement of Self., Krausz, Michael
257  Polyphonic Thinking and the Divine., Kanaris, Jim (Ed.)
256  Shakespeare and Philosophy., Belliotti, Raymond Angelo
255  Queer Philosophy., Halwani, Raja, Carol V. A. Quinn, and Andy Wible (Eds.)
254  Giordano Bruno., Blum, Paul Richard
253  The Revolt of Unreason., Candelaria, Michael
252  Yet Another Europe after 1984., Donskis, Leonidas (Ed.)
251  Rethinking Plato., Alican, Necip Fikri
250  Karl Jaspers., Miron, Ronny
249  Love as a Guide to Morals., Fitz-Gibbon, Andrew
248  Wittgenstein on the Human Spirit., Lurie, Yuval
247  SS Thinking and the Holocaust., Mineau, André
246  Personality Disorders and States of Aloneness., McGraw, John G.
245  Justice for Older People., Lesser, Harry (Ed.)
244  Shusterman’s Pragmatism., Koczanowicz, Dorota and Wojciech Malecki (Eds.)
243  Speculative Evaluations., McDonald, Hugh P.
242  Politics Otherwise., Donskis, Leonidas and J. D. Mininger (Eds.)
241  Responses to the Enlightenment., Sweet, William and Hendrik Hart
240  Identity and Social Transformation., Ryder, John and Radim Šíp (Eds.)
239  Friendship., Mitias, Michael H.
238  The Search for a Theory of Cognition., Franchi, Stefano and Francesco Bianchini (Eds.)
237  The Memory of Pain., Loew, Camila
236  Tradition in Social Science., Hauriou, Maurice
235  Reconstructing Subjects., Al-Shawi, Hakam H.
234  Social Justice, Poverty and Race., Kriese, Paul and Randall E. Osborne (Eds.)
233  The Privacy of the Psychical., Gilead, Amihud
232  Sex, Love, and Friendship., McEvoy, Adrianne Leigh (Ed.)
231  Reburial of Nonexistents., Swanson, Carolyn
230  The Philosophy of Viagra., Botz-Bornstein, Thorsten (Ed.)
229  Communities of Peace., Poe, Danielle (Ed.)
228  New Perspectives on Pragmatism and Analytic Philosophy., Calcaterra, Rosa M. (Ed.)
227  Postethnophilosophy., Osha, Sanya
226  Niccolò Machiavelli., Donskis, Leonidas (Ed.)
225  Remembrance and Reconciliation., Gildert, Rob and Dennis Rothermel (Eds.)
224  Creative Actualization., McDonald, Hugh P.
223  The Continuing Relevance of John Dewey., Hickman, Larrry A., Matthew Caleb Flamm, Krzysztof Piotr Skowronski and Jennifer A. Rea (Eds.)
222  “Truth” is a Divine Name., Schultz-Aldrich, Janice L.
221  Intimacy and Isolation., McGraw, John G.
220  Beyond Metaphysics?, Faber, Roland, Brian G. Henning, and Clinton Combs (Eds.)
219  Containing (Un)American Bodies., Bloodsworth-Lugo, Mary K. and Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo
218  The Methodology of Maurice Hauriou., Gray, Christopher Berry
217  Positive Peace., Fitz-Gibbon, Andrew (Ed.)
216  Metacide., Watson, James R. (Ed.)
215  For Our Children., Nordgren, Anders
214  Arguments and Analysis in Bioethics., Häyry, Matti,Tuija Takala, Peter Herissone-Kelly and Gardar Árnason (Eds.)
213  Values and Powers., Skowronski, Krzysztof Piotr
212  A Lab of My Own., Schwartz, Neena B.
211  Cutting Through the Surface., Takala, Tuija, Peter Herrisone-Kelly, and Søren Holm (Eds.)
210  Beyond Perestroika., Gallopin, Gary G.
209  Thinking about Addiction., Hanson, Craig
208  Dialogue on Grief and Consolation., O'Connell, Terence
207  Self and Society., Kremer, Alexander and John Ryder (Eds)
206  Dostoevsky and Kant., Cherkasova, Evgenia
205  Environmental Ethics., Ip, King-Tak (Ed.)
204  The Adventure of Education., Scarfe, Adam C. (Ed.)
203  The Unconscious in Philosophy, and French and European Literature., VIAL, Fernand
202  Necessity and Truthful Fictions., GILEAD, Amihud
201  A New Kind of Containment., LUGO-LUGO, Carmen R. and Mary K. BLOODSWORTH-LUGO (Eds.)
200  Heidegger and the Question of Psychology., LETTERI, Mark
199  Learned Ignorance in the Medicine Bow Mountains., CLIFFORD, Craig
198  Global Community., OSBORNE, Randall E. and Paul KRIESE
197  Tradition vs. Traditionalism., SAGI, Avi
196  Beyond Conceptual Dualism., VICARI, Giuseppe
195  Evolutionary Ontology., ŠMAJS, Josef
194  Parceling the Globe., POE, Danielle and Eddy SOUFFRANT (Eds.)
193  The Vision of Gabriel Marcel., SWEETMAN, Brendan
192  Pragmatism, Education, and Children., TAYLOR, Michael, Helmut SCHREIER, and Paulo GHIRALDELLI, Jr. (Eds.)
191  History of Italian Philosophy., GARIN, Eugenio
190  Social Brain Matters., VILARROYA, Oscar and Francesc FORN I ARGIMON (Eds.)
189  Feminist Philosophy in Latin America and Spain., LUISA FEMENÍAS, María and Amy A. OLIVER (Eds)
188  Philosophical Perspectives on the "War on Terrorism"., PRESBEY, Gail M. (Ed.)
187  Interpretation and Transformation., KRAUSZ, Michael
186  Ethics in Biomedical Research., HÄYRY, Matti, Tuija TAKALA, and Peter HERISSONE-KELLY (Eds.)
185  Science in Culture., JAROSZYNSKI, Piotr
184  Ectogenesis., GELFAND, Scott and John R. SHOOK (Eds.)
183  Understanding Moral Weakness., THERO, Daniel P.
182  Spiritual and Political Dimensions of Nonviolence and Peace., BOERSEMA, David and GRAY BROWN, Katy (Eds.)
181  Problems for Democracy., KULTGEN, John and Mary LENZI (Eds.)
180  Bioethics and Vulnerability., LUNA, Florencia
179  Education for a Democratic Society., RYDER, John and Gert-Rüdiger WEGMARSHAUS (Eds.)
178  The Curve of the Sacred., PONOMAREFF, Constantin V. and Kenneth A. BRYSON
177  What are we to Understand Gracia to Mean?, DELFINO, Robert A. (Ed.)
176  A Different Three Rs for Education., ALLAN, George and Malcolm D. EVANS (Eds.)
175  Feminist Alliances., BURNS, Lynda (Ed.)
174  Encounters in My Travels., HARRIS, Dixie Lee
173  Intentionality., FORRAI, Gábor and George KAMPIS (Eds.)
172  Moral Conflicts of Organ Retrieval., HINKLEY II, Charles C.
171  Pragmatic Moral Realism., PIHLSTRÖM, Sami
170  Inwardness and Morality., FRIED, Eric Wolf
169  The New Science of Axiological Psychology., POMEROY, Leon. Edited by Rem B. EDWARDS
168  Plato's Cratylus:, RILEY, Michael W.
167  Democracy and the Post-Totalitarian Experience., KOCZANOWICZ, Leszek and Beth J. SINGER (Eds.) Frederic R. Kellogg and Lukasz Nysler, Assistant Editors.
166  Justifying Blame., SIE, Maureen
165  Bioethics and Social Reality., HÄYRY, Matti, TAKALA, Tuija and Peter HERISSONE-KELLY (Eds.)
164  Putting Peace into Practice., POTTER, Nancy Nyquist (Ed.)
163  Memory of the West., MATE, Reyes
162  Experiencing Tess of the d’Urbervilles., EFRON, Arthur
161  Operation Barbarossa., MINEAU, André
160  Life, Death, and Subjectivity., HOOFT, Stan van
159  The Aesthetics of Ruins., GINSBERG, Robert (Illustrated by the Author)
158  The Expectations of Morality., MELLEMA, Gregory F.
157  Ethics and Perplexity., MUGUERZA, Javier
156  Deconstruction and Reconstruction., RYDER, John and Krystyna WILKOSZEWSKA (Eds.)
155  Mythos and Logos., ANDERSON, Albert A., HICKS, Steven V. and Lech WITKOWSKI (Eds.)
154  Dimensions of Apeiron., ROSEN, Steven M.
153  Africa’s Quest for a Philosophy of Decolonization., KEBEDE, Messay
152  Pragmatism and Values., RYDER, John and Emil VIŠNOVSKÝ (Eds.)
151  Civil Society in Southeast Europe., GORDON, Dane R. and David C. DURST (Eds.)
150  Radical Axiology., MCDONALD, Hugh P.
149  Being and Authenticity., CHEN, Xunwu
148  Democracy and the Quest for Justice., GAY, William and Tatiana ALEKSEEVA (Eds.)
147  A Fierce Little Tragedy., STARK, Herman
146  Interpretation and Its Objects., RITIVOI, Andreea Deciu (Edited with an Introduction by)
145  Forms of Hatred., DONSKIS, Leonidas
144  Scratching the Surface of Bioethics., HÄYRY, Matti and Tuija TAKALA (Eds.)
143  Explorations in Contemporary Continental Philosophy of Religion., BAKER, Deane-Peter and Patrick MAXWELL (Eds.)
142  A Thomistic Tapestry., REDPATH, Peter A. (Ed.)
141  Confidential Relationships., KOGGEL, Christine M., Allannah FURLONG and Charles LEVIN (Eds.)
140  Nursing Ethics in Modern China., PANG, Samantha Mei-che
139  Singularity and Other Possibilities., GILEAD, Amihud
138  Dimensions of Health and Health Promotion., NORDENFELT, Lennart and Per-Erik LISS (Eds.)
137  Process Pragmatism., DEBROCK, Guy (Ed.)
136  Touching Philosophy, Sounding Religion, Placing Education., SCHROEDER, Steven
135  Suffering, Death, and Identity., FISHER, Robert, N., Daniel T. PRIMOZIC, Peter A. DAY and Joel A. THOMPSON (Eds.)
134  Compassion., KRIEGLSTEIN, Werner J.
133  Alain Leroy Locke., CAIN, Rudolph Alexander Kofi
132  Learning Values Lifelong., KAZANJIAN, Michael M.
131  Max Scheler’s Acting Persons., SCHNECK, Stephen (Ed.)
130  Richard Rorty., RUMANA, Richard
129  Conversations with Pragmatism., BUBE, Paul Custodio and Jeffery GELLER (Eds.)
128  The Dissolution of Mind., VILARROYA, Oscar
127  Community, Diversity, and Difference., BAILEY, Alison and Paula J. SMITHKA (Eds.)
126  The Knowledge of Good., HARTMAN, Robert S., Arthur ELLIS and Rem B. EDWARDS
125  Albert Camus and the Philosophy of the Absurd., SAGI, Avi
124  Personalism Revisited., BUFORD, Thomas O. and Harold H. OLIVER (Eds.)
123  Sophistry and Twentieth-Century Art., GORDON, Haim and Rivca GORDON
122  Peace, Value, and Wisdom., MILLER, George David
121  Philosophy and Art in Gurdjieff’s Beelzebub.namens, CHALLENGER, Anna T.
120  Earth’s Abominations., HAYBRON, Daniel M. (Editor)
119  The Human Project:, ABBAGNANO, Nicola. With an interview by Giuseppe Grieco. Translated by Nino Langiulli and Bruno Martini.
118  Bioethics., SALLES, Arleen L. F. and María Julia BERTOMEU (Eds.)
117  Cicero., RADFORD, Robert T.
116  A Pedagogy of Becoming., MILLS, Jon (Ed.)
115  What Caused the Big Bang?, EDWARDS, Rem B.
114  Dialogues on Values and Centers of Value., DICKEN, Thomas M. and Rem B. EDWARDS
113  Quantum Learning., PRITSCHER, Conrad P.
112  The Future of Value Inquiry., HÄYRY, Matti and Tuija TAKALA (Eds.)
111  Local Insights, Global Ethics for Business., KOEHN, Daryl
110  Health, Science, and Ordinary Language., NORDENFELT, Lennart. With contributions by George Khushf and K. W. M. Fulford.
109  What is the Meaning of Human Life?, BELLIOTTI, Raymond Angelo
108  Theoretical Interpretations of the Holocaust., STONE, Dan (Ed.)
107  Peirce's Pragmatism., CHIASSON, Phyllis
105  Peacemaking., PRESLER, Judith and Sally J. SCHOLZ (Eds.)
104  Universal Right., VICO, Giambattista, Giorgio PINTON and Margaret DIEHL (Eds.)
103  Anthropology in the Age of Technology., DIJK, Paul van
102  Addresses of the Mississippi Philosophical Association., CROCKETT Jr., Bennie R. ( Ed.)
101  Kierkegaard, Religion, and Existence., SAGI, Avi
100  Enjoyment and the Activity of Mind., WALKER, Foster N.
99  Between Freedom and Necessity., SCHROEDER, Steven
98  Memoirs of the Twentieth Century., SPIRITO, Ugo
97  Sartrean Dialectics., FARRAR, Roxanne Claire
96  The Moral Status of Persons., BECKER, Gerhold K. (Ed.)
95  The Mystery of Values., GRÜNBERG, Ludwig. Edited by Cornelia GRÜNBERG and Laura GRÜNBERG.
94  Dwelling Poetically., GORDON, Haim
93  Matter, Mind, and Medicine. , KRIEL, Jacques
92  Coercion., RHODES, Michael R.
91  Values, Violence, and Our Future., ACQUAVIVA, Gary J.
90  The Problem of Evil., WAWRYTKO, Sandra A. (Ed.)
89  Cultural Beings., LURIE, Yuval
88  Institutional Violence., CURTIN, Deane and Robert LITKE (Eds.)
87  French Existentialism., GILES, James, Editor
86  The Ethics of Homelessness., ABBARNO, G. John M., Editor
85  Thomas Mann and Friedrich Nietzsche., PICART, Caroline Joan (Kay) S.
84  The Metaphysics of Cooperation, SCHROEDER, Steven
83  Genes and Morality., LAUNIS, Veikko, Juhani PIETARINEN and Juha RÄIKKÄ (Eds.)
82  Politically Incorrect Dialogues., KAINZ, Howard P.
81  The Making of the Holocaust., MINEAU, André
80  Saving Possibilities., GILEAD, Amihud
79  Texts on Texts and Textuality., KAELIN, E.F.
78  International Law and the Possibility of a Just World Order., HICKS, Steven V.
77  Persons and Immortality., BRYSON, Kenneth A.
76  Values and Education., MAGNELL, Thomas (Ed.)
75  Taking Religious Claims Seriously., STEINKRAUS, Warren E.
74  Whitehead and Philosophy of Education., EVANS, Malcolm D.
73  Masquerade of the Dream Walkers., REDPATH., Peter A.
72  Postmodernism and the Holocaust., MILCHMAN, Alan and Alan ROSENBERG (Eds.)
71  Philosophy and Vision., GORDON, Dane R.
70  Defining Personhood., BISHOP MERRILL, Sarah
69  The Reopening of the American Mind., VICE, James W.
68  Phenomenology and Education., KAZANJIAN, Michael M.
67  The Human Project and the Temptations of Science., KEITA., Lansana
66  Pragmatism., SHOOK, John R.
65  Criticism and Defense of Rationality in Contemporary Philosophy., GORDON, Dane R. and Józef NIZNIK (Eds)
64  Philosophy in Post-Communist Europe., GORDON, Dane R. (Ed.)
63  Love, Poetry, and Immortality. Luminous Insights of the World's Great Thinkers., GERBER, William
62  Negotiating Toward Truth., MILLER, George David
61  A Utilitarian General Theory of Value., SHENG, C.L.
60  Rough Dialectics., TALBUTT Jr., Palmer
59  The Intrinsic Value of Nature., VILKKA, Leena
58  The Ontology of Prejudice, MILLS, Jon and Janusz A. POLANOWSKI
57  Talking about Health., NORDENFELT, Lennart
56  Injustice, Violence, and Peace., LÖTTER, H.P.P. (Hennie)
55  Explorations of Value., MAGNELL, Thomas (Ed.)
54  Nietzsche's Reclamation of Philosophy., WININGER, Kathleen J.
53  Our Ways., MOLINA, Armando
52  Anatomy of What We Value Most., GERBER, William
51  What is Life?, SEIFERT, Josef A volume in Central-European Value Studies (CEVS), a special series in VIBS, Edited by H.G. Callaway.
50  Collective Responsibility., MELLEMA, Gregory F.
49  Philosophical Perspectives on Power and Domination., KAPLAN, Laura DUHAN and Laurence F. BOVE (Eds.)
48  The Philosophy of José Gaos, COLONNELLO, Pio
47  Universal Justice., ANDERSON, Albert A.
46  Wisdom's Odyssey., REDPATH, Peter A.
45  Sex, Love, and Friendship., SOBLE, Alan (Ed.)
44  Social Cohesion and Legal Coercion., SHELEFF, Leon Shaskolsky
43  Philosophy History Sophistry., ROHATYN, Dennis
42  History as the Story of Freedom., BUTLER, Clark
41  Cartesian Nightmare:, REDPATH, Peter A.
40  A Question of Values:, BRENNAN, Samantha, Tracy ISAACS and Michael MILDE (Eds.)
39  Myth and the Limits of Reason., STAMBOVSKY, Phillip
38  Martin Heidegger on the Way., WERKMEISTER, W.H., Edited by Richard T. Hull.
37  The Art of Rhetoric (Institutiones Oratoriae, 1711-1741)., VICO, Giambattista
36  Morality for Moderns., FOWLER, Corbin
35  Altruistic Behavior: An Inquiry into Motivation., PENNER, Paul S.
34  On Education and Values., MILLER, George David, and Conrad P. PRITSCHER
33  Formal Axiology and Its Critics., EDWARDS, Rem B. (Ed.)
32  Moral Dilemmas., STATMAN, Daniel
31  The Deepest Questions You Can Ask About God., GERBER, William
30  Value, Obligation, and Meta-Ethics., ATTFIELD, Robin
29  From the Eye of the Storm., BOVE, Laurence F. and Laura DUHAN KAPLAN (Eds.)
28  Work Values., NATALE, Samuel M. and Brian M. ROTHSCHILD (Eds.), Assistant editors: Joseph W. SORA, Tara M. MADDEN
27  The High Road of Humanity., LEVI, Albert William
26  Religion and Morality., STATMAN, Daniel and Avi SAGI
25  Facts, Values, and Methodology., STEEN, Wim J. van der
24  Evolution and Human Values., WESSON, Robert and Patricia A. WILLIAMS (Eds.)
23  Being Human in the Ultimate., GEORGOPOULOS, N. and Michael HEIM (Eds.)
22  Values, Work, Education:, NATALE, Samuel M. and Brian M. ROTHSCHILD (Eds.) (Assistant Editors: Joseph W. SORA, Tara M. MADDEN)
21  The Conflict of Law and Justice in the Icelandic Sagas., PENCAK, William
20  Rational Individualism., SIMONDS, Roger T.
19  Philosophy and Architecture., MITIAS, Michael H. (Ed.)
18  Mill's Principle of Utility: A Defense of John Stuart Mill's Notorious Proof., ALICAN, Necip Fikri
17  The Platonic Odeyssey., GILEAD, Amihud
16  Meaning and Development., KEBEDE, Messay
15  The Logic of Hope: Extensions of Kant's View of Religion., AXINN, Sidney
14  Nuggets of Wisdom from Great Jewish Thinkers., GERBER, William
13  A Quarter Century of Value Inquiry., HULL, Richard T. (Ed.)
12  The Meaning of Life., GERBER, William
11  ValuemetricsA: The Science of Personal and Professional Ethics., FORREST, Frank G.
10  A Coherence Theory in Ethics., DEMARCO, Joseph P.
An Idiosyncratic Ethics; Or, the Lauramachean Ethics., MILLER, George David
Ethics: The Science of Oughtness., BAHM, Archie J.
Between Auschwitz and Tradition., WATSON, James R.
A Humane Case for Moral Intuition., LLAMZON, Benjamin S.
Context for Meaning and Analysis: A Critical Study in the Philosophy of Language., CALLAWAY, H.G.
Justice for an Unjust Society., LÖTTER, H.P.P. (Hennie)
Axiology: Science of Value., BAHM, Archie J.
The Human Being as a Logical Thinker., BALZER, Noel

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