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Series and Journals
Bookcover  SCROLL: Scottish Cultural Review of Language and Literature
SCROLL: Scottish Cultural Review of Language and Literature

ISSN: 1571-0734

Series Editors
Rhona Brown, University of Glasgow
John Corbett, University of Macau
Sarah Dunnigan, University of Edinburgh
Ronnie Young, University of Glasgow

Associate Editor
James McGonigal, University of Glasgow

Production Editor
Gillian Sargent, University of Glasgow

The Scottish Cultural Review of Language and Literature publishes new work in Scottish Studies, with a focus on analysis and reinterpretation of the literature and languages of Scotland, and the cultural contexts that have shaped them.

Dr. Rhona Brown
Department of Scottish Literature, 7 University Gardens,
GLASGOW G12 8QH Scotland UK

Prof. Dr. John Corbett,
University of Macau
Pearl Jubilee Building
Avenida Padre Tomas Pereira

Dr. Sarah Dunnigan,
Department of English Literature, University of Edinburgh, David Hume Tower,
George Square, EDINBURGH EH8 9JX Scotland UK

Prof. Dr. James McGonigal,
Department of Curriculum Studies, Faculty of Education, St Andrew’s Bld, 11 Eldon Street,
GLASGOW G3 6NH, Scotland UK
23  Pointed Encounters., McKee Stapleton, Anne NEW
22  Scottish Theatre: Diversity, Language, Continuity., Brown, Ian
21  Scots: Studies in its Literature and Language., Kirk, John M. and Iseabail Macleod (Eds.)
20  The Scottish Sixties., Bell, Eleanor and Linda Gunn (Eds.)
19  Language in Scotland., Anderson, Wendy (Ed.)
18  Scotland and the 19th-Century World., Carruthers, Gerard, David Goldie and Alastair Renfrew (Eds.)
17  Uneasy Subjects., Stroh, Silke
16  Myths and the Mythmaker., Jack, R.D.S.
15  Women Writers and the Edinburgh Enlightenment., Perkins, Pam
14  The Scottish Romance Tradition c. 1375 – c. 1550., Mainer, Sergi
13  Beyond Identity., Dósa, Attila
12  Disappearing Men., Jones, Carole
11  Bella Caledonia., STIRLING, Kirsten
10  Langage Cleir Illumynate, ROYAN, Nicola (Ed.)
“Joyous Sweit Imaginatioun”., CARPENTER, Sarah and Sarah M. DUNNIGAN (Eds.)
Kailyard and Scottish Literature., NASH, Andrew
Scotland in Europe., HUBBARD, Tom and R.D.S. JACK (Eds.)
Ethically Speaking., MCGONIGAL, James and Kirsten STIRLING (Eds.)
Complete and Full with Numbers., MACQUEEN, John
Alasdair Gray., MILLER, Gavin
Extremely Common Eloquence., MACAULAY, Ronald K.S.
Beyond Scotland., CARRUTHERS, Gerard, David GOLDIE & Alastair RENFREW (Eds.)
Scotland in Theory., BELL, Eleanor and Gavin MILLER (Eds.)

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