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Series and Journals
Bookcover  International Series in the Psychology of Religion
International Series in the Psychology of Religion

ISSN 0925-4153

Edited by J.A. Belzen
Consulting Editors: M. Aletti (Milano), B. Beit-Hallahmi (Haifa), D.S. Browning (Chicago), D.E. Capps (Princeton), H. Grzymala-Moszczynska (Cracow), N.G. Holm (Åbo), R.W. Hood jr. (Chattanooga), D. Hutsebaut (Leuven), J.M. Jaspard (Louvain-la-Neuve),J.W. Jones (New Brunswick), H. Müller-Pozzi (Zürich), H. Newton Malony (Pasadena), A. Uleyn (Nijmegen), A. Vergote (Leuven), O. Wikström (Uppsala), D.W. Wulff (Norton).

Editorial Address:

Prof.Dr. J.A. Belzen
University of Amsterdam
Delenus Institute
Oude Turfmarkt 147
The Netherlands
16  A New Approach to Religious Orientation., Krauss, Stephen W. and Ralph W. Hood Jr.
15  Autobiography and the psychological study of religious lives., BELZEN, Jacob A. & Antoon GEELS (Eds)
14  Religion and Coping in Mental Health Care., PIEPER, Joseph and Marinus van UDEN
13  Mysticism., BELZEN, Jacob A. and Antoon GEELS (Eds.)
12  Psychohistory in Psychology of Religion:, BELZEN, Jacob A. (Ed.)
11  Dimensions of Mystical Experiences., HOOD, Ralph W. JR.
10  Paternity as Function., SAROGLOU, Vassilis
Aspects in Contexts., BELZEN, Jacob A. (Ed.)
Das Heilige im Profanen., POPP-BAIER, Ulrike
Psychoanalysis, Phenomenological Anthropology and Religion., VERGOTE, Antoon
Hermeneutical Approaches in Psychology of Religion., BELZEN, J.A. (Ed.)
Religion, Belief and Unbelief., VERGOTE, A.
Religion, Psychopathology and Coping., GRZYMALA-MOSZCYNSKA, Halina and Benjamin BEIT-HALLAHMI (Eds.)
Belief and Unbelief., CORVELEYN, Jozef and Dirk HUTSEBAUT (Eds.)
Current Studies on Rituals., HEIMBROCK, Hans-Günter and H. Barbara BOUDEWIJNSE (Eds.)
A Psychology of Ultimate Concern., ZOCK, Hetty

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