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Series and Journals
Bookcover  Postmodern Studies
Postmodern Studies

ISSN 0923-0483

Series edited by Theo D'haen and Hans Bertens

POSTMODERN STUDIES welcomes submissions of monographs and edited collections of articles that deal with (any aspect of) postmodernism, or of postmodernity and the postmodern in relation to literature.

These articles and monographs can be either of a theoretical or a more practical/analytic nature. They may refer to any one, or to several, literary works, genres, or literatures. They may also refer to the other arts, provided the main focus remain literary. In evaluating contributions, the editors of POSTMODERN STUDIES will follow no particular methodological or ideological bias.

POSTMODERN STUDIES will be published at irregular intervals, one volume per year being the minimum. The working language of the series is English, but quotations in French, German, Spanish or Italian can be in the original. The format for contributions is that of the latest edition of the MLA Handbook.

Editorial Address:

Prof. Dr. Theo D'haen
English Dept. - Literatuurwetenschap
Faculty of Arts - Letteren
KUL - Leuven University
Blijde Inkomststraat 21
B-3000 Leuven

Fax: +32 (0)16 32.47.31
52  Fantasy, Politics, Postmodernity., Rayment, Andrew NEW
51  Mosaic of Juxtaposition., Bolton, Micheal Sean NEW
50  Poetic Revolutionaries., Campbell, Marion May
49  Collage Culture., Banash, David
48  Modernism, Postmodernism, and the Short Story in English., Sacido, Jorge (Ed.)
47  Seaing through the Past., Rostek, Joanna
46  Shift Linguals., Robinson, Edward S.
45  Addressing Modernity., Bergthaller, Hannes and Carsten Schinko (Eds.)
44  Do You Feel It Too?, Timmer, Nicoline
43  Gothic-postmodernism., Beville, Maria
42  Making Strange., GRABES, Herbert
41  Rethinking Postmodernism(s)., AMIAN, Katrin
40  The Mourning After., BROOKS, Neil and Josh TOTH (Eds.)
39  Cultural Identity and Postmodern Writing., D’HAEN, Theo and Pieter VERMEULEN (Eds.)
38  From Modernism to Postmodernism., HOFFMANN, Gerhard
37  The Theater of Transformation., SCHMIDT, Kerstin
36  Gothic Motifs in the Fiction of William Gibson., RAPATZIKOU, Tatiani G.
35  Refracting the Canon in Contemporary British Literature and Film., ONEGA, Susana and Christian GUTLEBEN (Eds.)
34  Virtual Geographies., HEUSER, Sabine
33  Borderlines., GUDMUNDSDÓTTIR, Gunnthórunn
32  Engendering Realism and Postmodernism., NEUMEIER, Beate (Editor)
31  Nostalgic Postmodernism:, GUTLEBEN, Christian
30  The Postmodern Chronotope., SMETHURST, Paul
29  “New” Exoticisms., SANTAOLALLA, Isabel (Ed.)
28  The woman of the crowd:, DANIELE, Daniela
27  The Postmodern Challenge:, STRATH, Bo and Nina WITOSZEK (Ed.)
26  Lawrence Durrell, Postmodernism and the Ethics of Alterity., HERBRECHTER, Stefan
25  ‘I'm Telling you Stories':, GRICE, Helena and Tim WOODS (Eds.)
24  Cultural Politics and Political Culture in Postmodern Europe., BURGESS, J. Peter (Ed.)
23  Just Postmodernism., EARNSHAW, Steven (Ed.)
21  An Art of Desire., HERZOGENRATH, Bernd
20  'Closing the Gap'., D'HAEN, Theo and Hans BERTENS (Eds.)
19  Romantic Postmodernism in America., ALSEN, Eberhard
18  Postmodernism and Notions of National Difference., LORD, Geoffrey
17  Powerless Fictions?, MIGUEL-ALFONSO, Ricardo (Ed.)
16  Gender I-deology., CORNUT-GENTILLE D'ARCY, Chantal and José Angel García (Eds.)
15  Laurence Sterne in Modernism and Postmodernism., PIERCE, David and Peter de VOOGD (Eds.)
14  Male Authors, Female Subjects., OOSTRUM, Duco van
13  Postmodern Subjects/Postmodern Texts., DOWSON, Jane and Steven EARNSHAW (Eds.)
12  Postmodernism: A Bibliography, 1926-1994., MADSEN, Deborah L.
11  Narrative Turns and Minor Genres in Postmodernism., D'HAEN, Theo and Hans BERTENS (Eds.)
10  Reconstructing Foucault:, MIGUEL-ALFONSO, Ricardo and Silvia CAPORALE-BIZZINI (Eds.)
Postmodern Surroundings., EARNSHAW, Steven (Ed.)
Liminal Postmodernisms., D'HAEN, Theo and Hans BERTENS (Eds.)
Postmodern Fiction in Canada., D'HAEN, Theo and Hans BERTENS (Eds.)
(Dis)continuities: Essays on Paul de Man., HERMANS, Luc, Kris HUMBEECK and Geert LERNOUT (Eds.)

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