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Bookcover  Histories and Addresses of Philosophical Societies
Histories and Addresses of Philosophical Societies (HAPS)

Edited by Richard T. Hull, Professor Emeritus, Department of Philosophy, State University of New York at Buffalo.

HAPS preserves the presidential and other major addresses of philosophical societies. The intellectual and biographical contexts of the documents are provided so that the volumes contribute to the vitality and continuity of thought as well as to its history.

"Editions Rodopi and the VIBS are doing the philosophical community a great boon by encouraging the leaders of the various philosophical societies to gather and publish their histories before those histories begin to pass away. Hull ... is by anyone's standards doing yeoman's work for the professionů HAPS is, as Hull states "saving from obscurity and loss the elements of much philosophy done in the post-modern era" (xi-xii)."
Journal of Speculative Philosophy (vol 19, no 1 (2005)

HAPS is a special series in VIBS, the Value Inquiry Book Series.

HAPS is co-sponsored by the Conference of Philosophical Societies.

Editorial Address:

Richard T. Hull, Professor Emeritus
Associate Editor, VIBS
Editor, Histories and Addresses of Philosophical Societies (HAPS)
3241 Heather Hill Lane
Tallahassee, FL 32309

850-893-6539 (phone and fax)
272  Being in America., Henning, Brian G. and David Kovacs (Eds.)
255  Queer Philosophy., Halwani, Raja, Carol V. A. Quinn, and Andy Wible (Eds.)
232  Sex, Love, and Friendship., McEvoy, Adrianne Leigh (Ed.)
124  Personalism Revisited., BUFORD, Thomas O. and Harold H. OLIVER (Eds.)
102  Addresses of the Mississippi Philosophical Association., CROCKETT Jr., Bennie R. ( Ed.)
45  Sex, Love, and Friendship., SOBLE, Alan (Ed.)
13  A Quarter Century of Value Inquiry., HULL, Richard T. (Ed.)

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