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Series and Journals
Bookcover  German Monitor
German Monitor
(formerly 'GDR-Monitor')

The book series has a system of double-blind peer-reviewing.
Proposals are invited for further volumes on literary, cultural and political themes relating to the German-speaking world since 1945. All submissions should be sent to me as Series Editor at:
Laura Bradley

ISSN 0927-1910

General Editor: Laura Bradley
Founding Editor: Ian Wallace
Former Series Editor: Pól Ó Dochartaigh

Editorial Board:
Stephen Brockmann (Carnegie Mellon University)
Anna Chiarloni (Università di Torino)
Sarah Colvin (Warwick University)
Paul Cooke (Leeds University)
Mary Cosgrove (Edinburgh University)
Norbert Otto Eke (Universität Paderborn)
Helen Fehervary (Ohio State University)
Gisela Holfter (University of Limerick)
Jim Jordan (Warwick University)
Karen Leeder (Oxford University)
Laurence McFalls (Université de Montréal)
Sabine von Mering (Brandeis University)
Heinz-Peter Preußer (Universität Bremen)


SUBSCRIPTIONS (starting 2012)
- There is no annual subscription rate.
- The prices vary per volume, depending on the number of pages.

Subscription options:
Online-only access : 80 % (of the print and online price)
Print : 90% (of the print and online price)
Print and online : 100%


Volumes 3-5; 8-13; 15-21; 23-26 published under the title GDR-Monitor, are still available. Also refer to "German Monitor" in the Journals section.

Still available from GDR-Monitor Special Series: volumes 3-7.

“…the German Monitor has continued to produce quality volumes…”
“…we can hope that the German Monitor continues to provide us with thought-provoking issues.”
Monatshefte, Vol.97, No.2, 2005
78  An Odyssey for Our Time., Paul, Georgina (Ed.)
77  German Text Crimes., Cheesman, Tom (Ed.)
76  Transitions., Heffernan, Valerie, and Gillian Pye (Eds.)
75  The Self in Transition., Clarke, David and Axel Goodbody (Eds.)
74  Art Outside the Lines., Kelly, Elaine and Amy Wlodarski (Eds.)
73  Narratives of Trauma., Schmitz, Helmut and Annette Seidel-Arpaci (Eds.)
72  Beyond Political Correctness., Anton,Christine and Frank Pilipp (Eds.)
71  Dislocation and Reorientation., GOODBODY, Axel, Pól Ó DOCHARTAIGH and Dennis TATE (Eds.)
70  Baader-Meinhof Returns., BERENDSE, Gerrit-Jan and Ingo CORNILS (Eds.)
69  Schaltstelle., LEEDER, Karen (Hrsg.)
68  Local/Global Narratives., RECHTIEN, Renate and Karoline von OPPEN (Eds.)
67  A Nation of Victims?, SCHMITZ, Helmut (Ed.)
66  Un-Civilizing Processes?, FULBROOK, Mary (Ed.)
65  Reinhard Jirgl., CLARKE, David und Arne DE WINDE (Hrsg.)
64  Pushing at Boundaries., BARTEL, Heike and Elizabeth BOA (Eds.)
63  German-speaking Exiles in Ireland 1933-1945., HOLFTER, Gisela (Ed.)
62  Libuše Moníková in Memoriam., HAINES, Brigid and Lyn MARVEN (Eds.)
61  Refuge and Reality:, O'DOCHARTAIGH, Pól and Alexander STEPHAN (Eds.)
60  Seelenarbeit an Deutschland., PARKES, Stuart and Fritz WEFELMEYER (Hrsg.)
59  Neighbours and Strangers., FOSTER, Ian and Juliet WIGMORE (Edited by)
58  Volker Braun in Perspective., JUCKER, Rolf (Ed.)
57  Fractured Biographies., WALLACE, Ian (Ed.)
56  Anne Duden: A Revolution of Words., BARTEL, Heike and Elizabeth BOA (Eds.)
55  Monika Maron in Perspective., GILSON, Elke (Hrsg.)
54  After the GDR., MCFALLS, Laurence and Lothar PROBST (Eds.)
53  Jews in German Literature since 1945:, O'DOCHARTAIGH,Pól (Ed.)
52  Ernst Thälmann., MONTEATH, Peter (Hrsg.)
51  Christoph Hein in Perspective., JACKMAN, Graham (Edited by)
50  1949/1989., FLANAGAN, Clare and Stuart TABERNER (Eds.)
49  The GDR and its History:, BARKER, Peter (Ed.)
48  Entgegenkommen., PAUL, Georgina and Helmut SCHMITZ (Eds.)
47  Finding a Voice., JACKMAN, Graham, Ian F. ROE (Eds.)
46  East Germany:, COOKE, Paul and Jonathan GRIX (Eds.)
45  The Gruppe 47 Fifty Years on a Re-Appraisal of its Literary and Political Significance., PARKES, Stuart and John J. WHITE (Eds.)
44  Günter de Bruyn in Perspective., TATE, Dennis (Ed.)
43  Anna Seghers in Perspective., WALLACE, Ian (Ed.)
42  The Party of Democratic Socialism in Germany., BARKER, Peter (Ed.)
41  Bertolt Brecht., GILES, Steve and Rodney LIVINGSTONE (Eds.)
40  Retrospect and Review., ATKINS, Robert and Martin KANE (Eds.)
39  The Unification of Germany in International and Domestic Law., PIOTROWICZ, Ryszard W.
38  Kulturstreit - Streitkultur:, MONTEATH, Peter and Reinhard ALTER (Eds.)
37  Germany after Unification., GLAESSNER, Gert-Joachim (Ed.)
36  Unsere Sünden sind Maulwürfe ., VIEREGG, Axel (Hrsg.)
35  Prenzlauer Berg., BRADY, Philip and Ian WALLACE (Eds.)
34  Germany in the 1990s., HAHN, H.J. (Ed.)
33  Re-Assessing the GDR. Papers from a Nottingham Conference., REID, J.H. (Ed.)
32  Im Blick behalten: Lyrik der DDR., LABROISSE, Gerd und Anthonya VISSER (Hrsg.)
31  Women and the Wende: Social Effects and Cultural Reflections of the German Unification Process., BOA, Elizabeth and Janet WHARTON (Eds.)
29  Geist und Macht., GOODBODY, Axel and Dennis TATE (Eds.)
28  Dies ist nicht unser Haus., ESTER, H. H. HARING, E. POETTGENS und K. SONNBERGER (Hrsg.)
27  DDR-Schriftsteller sprechen in der Zeit., LABROISSE Gerd, und Ian WALLACE (Hrsg.)

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