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Series and Journals
Bookcover  French Literature Series
French Literature Series

ISSN 0271-6607

Editor: Jeff Persels

Editorial Board (University of South Carolina): Daniela DiCecco, William Edmiston, Jeanne Garane, Freeman G. Henry, Nancy E. Lane, Paul Allen Miller, Marja Warehime

Advisory Board: Michael T. Cartwright (McGill University), Ross Chambers (University of Michigan), Roland Desné (Université de Reims), Ralph Heyndels (University of Miami), Norris J. Lacy (Pennsylvania State University), Gerald Prince (University of Pennsylvania), Pierre Ronzeaud (Université de Provence), Franc Schuerewegen (Univ. D'Anvers/Univ. De Nimègue), Albert Sonnenfeld (University of Southern California), Marie-Odile Sweetser (University of Illinois at Chicago), Ronald W. Tobin (University of California, Santa Barbara) and Dirk Van der Cruysse (Universiteit Antwerpen)

Since 1973 the French Literature Series has been published in conjunction with the annual French Literature Conference, sponsored by the Department of French and Classics of the University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina, USA. In addition to the scholarly papers selected for publication by the Editorial Board, it also accepts notes on the conference topic.
The conference, which is scheduled for the end of March or beginning of April each year, focuses on a pre-announced topic. The deadline for submitting conference papers is November 1; for scholarly notes, the following May 1. Submissions should be prepared according to the MLA Handbook and should not exceed fifteen pages (25 lines per page, double-spacing, with ample margins). Reading time at the Conference is limited to twenty minutes. Scholarly notes should not exceed eight typed pages. Authors should submit two copies of their contribution accompanied by return postage if they wish their paper to be returned.
The essays appearing in the French Literature Series are drawn primarily from the Conference papers. Authors are informed of the inclusion of their papers in the volume when their papers are accepted for the Conference. Exceptionally, FLS does publish outstanding contributions from authors not participating in the Conference. Such essays to be considered for inclusion in the volume should not exceed twenty typed pages. A style sheet is available upon request.
All communications concerning the Conference should be addressed to the Conference Director, and those concerning the French Literature Series to the Editor, Department of French & Classics, University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina, 29208, USA.

FLS Editorial Address:

Jeff Persels
Director of European Studies
Walker Institute of International and Area Studies
University of South Carolina

SUBSCRIPTIONS (starting 2012)
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- The prices vary per volume, depending on the number of pages.

Subscription options:
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Print : 90% (of the print and online price)
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39  The Environment in French and Francophone Literature and Film., Persels, Jeff (Ed.)
38  Psychoanalysis in French and Francophone Literature and Film., Day, James (Ed.)
37  Stealing the Fire., Day, James (Ed.)
36  Translation in French and Francophone Literature and Film., Day, James (Ed.)
35  Violence in French and Francophone Literature and Film., DAY, James (Ed.)
34  Queer Sexualities in French and Francophone Literature and Film., DAY, James (Ed.)
33  Civilization in French and Francophone Literature., NORMAN, Buford and James DAY (Eds.)
32  Victims and Victimization in French and Francophone Literature., NORMAN, Buford (Ed.)
31  The Child in French and Francophone Literature., NORMAN, Buford (Ed.)
30  Geo/graphies., HENRY, Freeman G. (Ed.)
29  Beginnings in French Literature., HENRY, Freeman G. (Ed.)
28  The Documentary Impulse in French Literature., NORMAN, Buford (Ed.)
27  The Mother in/and French Literature., NORMAN, Buford (Ed.)
26  Origins and Identities in French Literature., NORMAN, Buford (ed.)
25  Religion and French Literature., NORMAN, Buford (Ed.)
24  French Literature in/and the City., NORMAN, Buford (Ed.)
23  Ethnography in French Literature., NORMAN, Buford (Ed.)
22  Perceptions of Values., HENRY, Freeman G. (Ed.)
21  Discontinuity and Fragmentation., HENRY, Freeman G. (Ed.)
20  On the Margins., HENRY, Freeman G. (Ed.)
19  Strategies of Rhetoric., HENRY, Freeman G. (Ed.)
18  Poetry and Poetics., HARDEE, A. Maynord and Freeman G. HENRY (Eds.)
16  Feminism., HARDEE, Maynor and Freeman G. HENRY (Eds.)
15  Theater and Society in French Literature.,
14  Irony and Satire in French Literature.,
12  Autobiography in French Literature.,
11  The French Novel: Theory and Practice.,
The French Essay.,
Historical Figures in French Literature.,
Manifestoes and Movements.,
Authors and Philosophers.,
French Literature and the Arts., CRANT, Phillip (Ed.)
Mythology in French Literature.,
Authors and their Centuries., CRANT, Phillip (Ed.)

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