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Series and Journals
Bookcover  Dialogue

ISSN: 1574-9630

Executive Series Editor:
Henry Veggian, UNC Chapel Hill

Editorial Board:
Manisha Basu, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
Petra Dierkes-Thrun, Stanford University
Jennifer Keating-Miller, Carnegie Mellon University
Jason Stevens, University of Maryland, Baltimore
Richard Purcell, Carnegie Mellon University
Thomas Reinert, UNC Chapel Hill

Founding Editor:
Michael J. Meyer, DePaul University, Chicago, IL. †

“The goal of the Dialogue Series is to expand the range of critical debate devoted to literary authors, works and forms. To that end, Dialogue publishes new and recent criticism on literary writing that has elicited or is eliciting critical debate. In addition, Dialogue devotes occasional volumes to neglected works deemed worthy of renewed critical attention.

The Dialogue Series is devoted primarily to literary works written in English (or translated into English) after 1900. Engaging a variety of modes within that range, it includes the novel/romance, short fiction, poetry, drama and literary non-fiction (such as literary biography) as well as occasional volumes on emergent genres such as the graphic novel.

The Series’ editorial board will consider a wide range of submissions, but it is particularly interested in works that will fit into certain “lines” or sub-series within the series itself. These lines are designed to promote discussion between related literary works and also to stimulate discussion between literary works that have substantial connections that are too infrequently discussed. These lines form an open network of inter-related topic areas, literary works and discussions. The editorial board is actively considering developing new titles for the following lines:

• Ghetto Pastoral (including proletarian fiction)
• Postmodern Fiction
• Literary Biography
• African-American Literature
• Experimental Non Fiction
• Postcolonial Writing
• Modern Drama and Poetry

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Emerging scholars will be defined by the following criteria: MA ABD or recent PHD, Instructor, lecturer or Asst Prof status, publications limited to articles in journals and monographs and / or chapter studies; individuals who have 6 years or less from the awarding of a doctoral degree.
Experienced scholars will demonstrate the following: teach at the Associate Prof level or above, have at least 7 years experience from the awarding of the PHD, be published in book length studies, and/or be considered to be an authority or well-known commentator on the title or author.
18  Paul Bowles - The New Generation: Do You Bowles?, Duarte, Anabela (ed.) FORTHCOMING
17  Called to Civil Existence., Steiner, Enit Karafili (Ed.)
16  East of Eden., Meyer, Michael J.† and Henry Veggian (Eds.)
15  Robert Penn Warren’s All the King’s Men., Meyer, Michael J. and Hugh J. Ingrasci (Eds.)
14  Refiguring Oscar Wilde’s Salome., Bennett, Michael Y. (Ed.)
13  Wise Blood., Han, John J. (Ed.)
12  The Waste Land at 90., Moffett, Joe (Ed.)
11  A Recipe for Discourse., Skipper, Eric (Ed.)
10  Willa Cather’s The Song of the Lark., Cumberland, Debra L. (Ed.)
Sandra Cisneros’s Woman Hollering Creek., Donohue, Cecilia (Ed.)
Against the Grain., Pöhlmann, Sascha (Ed.)
The Grapes of Wrath., Meyer, Michael J. (Ed.)
Harold Pinter’s The Dumb Waiter., BREWER, Mary F. (Ed.)
Alice Walker’s The Color Purple., LAGRONE, Kheven (Ed.)
Eudora Welty’s Delta Wedding., BOUTON, Reine Dugas (Ed.)
Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman., STERLING, Eric J. (Ed.)
Richard Wright’s Native Son., FRAILE, Ana María (Ed.)
Samuel Beckett’s Endgame., BYRON, Mark S. (Ed.)

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