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Series and Journals
Bookcover  Cognitive Science
Cognitive Science (CS)

Edited by Francesc Forn i Argimon

Cognitive Science (CS) provides an original corpus of scholarly work that makes explicit the import of cognitive-science research for philosophical analysis. Topics include the nature, structure, and justification of knowledge, cognitive architectures and development, brain-mind theories, and consciousness.

CS is a special series in VIBS, the Value Inquiry Book Series.

Francesc Forn I Argimon
c/ Laforja 112 3 1
E-08021 Barcelona

238  The Search for a Theory of Cognition., Franchi, Stefano and Francesco Bianchini (Eds.)
196  Beyond Conceptual Dualism., VICARI, Giuseppe
190  Social Brain Matters., VILARROYA, Oscar and Francesc FORN I ARGIMON (Eds.)
173  Intentionality., FORRAI, Gábor and George KAMPIS (Eds.)
128  The Dissolution of Mind., VILARROYA, Oscar

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