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Series and Journals
Bookcover  Critical Studies
Critical Studies

ISSN 0923-411X

General Editor:

Myriam Diocaretz

Editorial Board:
Anne E Berger, Cornell University
Rosalind C. Morris, Columbia University
Marta Segarra, Universitat de Barcelona

Critical Studies seeks to foster cross-disciplinarity and thus to participate in the ongoing reconfiguration of the Humanities and Social Sciences, while challenging received conceptual frames and perspectives, be they entrenched or 'current'.
To this aim, it publishes guest-edited, multi-authored collections of essays by scholars and intellectuals coming from various disciplinary and cultural backgrounds.

The series welcomes volumes dealing with a vast range of topics, from the most enduring to the most contemporary, such as future and emerging technologies.

Whether topics initially pertain to the fields of gender studies, media studies, postcolonial studies or studies in post-humanism, to name just a few, special consideration is given to collections that
1) seriously attempt to produce innovative cross-disciplinary analyses by involving multiple theoretical languages and/or cultural areas;
2) do not content themselves with applying methodologies or theories but submit their own gestures and presuppositions to critical scrutiny;
3) endeavor to open new questions and to posit new objects for investigation on the basis of their methodological and theoretical innovation.


SUBSCRIPTIONS (starting 2012)
- There is no annual subscription rate.
- The prices vary per volume, depending on the number of pages.

Subscription options:
Online-only access : 80 % (of the print and online price)
Print : 90% (of the print and online price)
Print and online : 100%

Editorial Address:

Dr. Myriam Díaz-Diocaretz
37  Differences in Common., Sabadell-Nieto, Joana and Marta Segarra (Eds.) NEW
36  Destruction in the Performative., Lagaay, Alice and Michael Lorber (Eds.)
35  Demenageries., Berger, Anne Emmanuelle and Marta Segarra (Eds.)
34  Sexed Sentiments., Ruberg, Willemijn and Kristine Steenbergh (Eds.)
33  Performative Body Spaces., Hallensleben, Markus (Ed.)
32  Chrono-topologies., Kavanaugh, Leslie (Ed.)
31  Essays on Boredom and Modernity., DALLE PEZZE, Barbara and Carlo SALZANI (Eds.)
30  Exile Cultures, Misplaced Identities., ALLATSON, Paul and Jo MCCORMACK (Eds.)
29  The Matrix in Theory., DIOCARETZ, Myriam and Stefan HERBRECHTER (Eds.)
28  Returning (to) Communities., HERBRECHTER, Stefan and Michael HIGGINS (Eds.)
27  Transculturation., HERNÁNDEZ, Felipe, Mark MILLINGTON and Iain BORDEN(Eds.)
26  Textual Ethos Studies- or Locating Ethics., FAHRAEUS, Anna and AnnKatrin JONSSON (Eds.)
25  Metaphors of Economy., BRACKER, Nicole and Stefan HERBRECHTER (Eds.)
24  Carmen:, PERRIAM, Chris and Ann DAVIES (Eds.)
23  Post-Theory, Culture, Criticism., CALLUS, Ivan and Stefan HERBRECHTER (Eds.)
22  Censorship & Cultural Regulation in the Modern Age., MÜLLER, Beate (Ed.)
21  The Montage Principle., ANTOINE-DUNNE, Jean with Paula QUIGLEY (Eds.)
20  Cultural Studies., HERBRECHTER, Stefan (Ed.)
18  Feminism/Femininity in Chinese Literature., CHEN, Peng-hsiang and Whitney Crothers DILLEY (Eds.)
17  Bodycheck., BLEEKER, Maaike, Steven De BELDER, Kaat DEBO, Luk Van den DRIES and Kurt VANHOUTTE (Eds.)
16  Language - Meaning - Social Construction., GRANT, Colin B. and Donal McLAUGHLIN (Eds.)
15  From Virgin Land to Disney World., HERZOGENRATH, Bernd (Ed.)
14  The Seeing Century:, Everett, Wendy (Ed.)
13  Unforeseeable Americas:, GRANDIS, Rita De and Zilà BERND (Eds.)
12  Communication and Culture:, HEISEY, D. Ray and Wenxiang GONG (Eds.)
11  The Fantastic Other., COOKE, Brett, E. SLUSSER and Jaume MARTI-OLIVELLA (Eds.)
10  Nominalism and Literary Discourse., KEIPER, Hugo, Christoph BODE and Richard J. UTZ (Eds.)
Language and the Subject., SIMMS, Karl (Ed.)
Ethics and the Subject., SIMMS, Karl (Ed.)
Writing the Nation:, HAWLEY, John C. (Ed.)
In the Party Spirit., CHUNG, Hilary with Michael FALCHIKOV, Bonnie S. MCDOUGALL and Karin MCPHERSON (Eds.)
Institution in Cultures: Theory and Practice, LUMSDEN, Robert and Rajeev PATKE (Eds.)
3/2 and 4  Bakhtin: Carnival and Other Subjects., SHEPHERD, David (Ed.)
3-1  Cultural Studies: Crossing Boundaries., SALPER, Roberta A. (Guest editor)
2, 1/2  Mikhail Bakhtin and the Epistemology of Discourse., THOMSON, Clive (Ed.)
1, 2  The Bakhtin Circle Today., DÍAZ-DIOCARETZ, Myriam (Ed.)

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