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Series and Journals
Bookcover  Contemporary Psychoanalytic Studies
Contemporary Psychoanalytic Studies

ISSN: 1571-4977

Jon Mills

Associate Editors:
Gerald J. Gargiulo
Keith Haartman
Ronald C. Naso

Editorial Advisory Board:
Howard Bacal, Alan Bass, John Beebe, Martin Bergmann, Christopher Bollas, Mark Bracher, Marcia Cavell, Nancy J. Chodorow, Walter A. Davis, Peter Dews, Muriel Dimen, Michael Eigen, Irene Fast, Bruce Fink, Peter Fonagy, Leo Goldberger, Oren Gozlan, James Grotstein, R.D. Hinshelwood, Otto F. Kernberg, Robert Langs, Joseph Lichtenberg, Nancy McWilliams, Jean Baker Miller, Thomas Ogden, Owen Renik, Joseph Reppen, William J. Richardson, Peter L. Rudnytsky, Martin A. Schulman, David Livingstone Smith, Donnel Stern, Frank Summers, M. Guy Thompson, Wilfried Ver Eecke, Robert S. Wallerstein, Brent Willock, Robert Maxwell Young

Contemporary Psychoanalytic Studies (CPS) is an international scholarly book series devoted to all aspects of psychoanalytic inquiry in theoretical, philosophical, applied, and clinical psychoanalysis. Its aims are broadly academic, interdisciplinary, and pluralistic, emphasizing secularism and tolerance across the psychoanalytic domain. CPS aims to promote open and inclusive dialogue among the humanities and the social-behavioral sciences including such disciplines as philosophy, anthropology, history, literature, religion, cultural studies, sociology, feminism, gender studies, political thought, moral psychology, art, drama, and film, biography, law, economics, biology, and cognitive-neuroscience.

Editorial address:

Dr. Jon Mills
1104 Shoal Point Rd.
Ajax, Ontario, L1S 1E2
19  A Question of Time., Pearl, Joel
18  Psychiatry as a Human Science., Mooij, Antoine
17  Klein in the Trenches., Waska, Robert
16  Small City on a Big Couch., Rodríguez, Karen
15  Art in the Offertorium., Giesbrecht, Harvey and Charles Levin
14  Stories from the Bog., Kavanaugh, Patrick B.
13  The quality of the mind., Longhin, Luigi
12  Of Philosophers and Madmen., Askay, Richard and Jensen Farquhar
11  Explorations of the Psychoanalytic Mystics., Merkur, Dan
10  Endings., Ferraro, Fausta and Alessandro Garella
The Clinical Erich Fromm., FUNK, Rainer (Ed.)
Bettelheim: Living and Dying., FISHER, David James
Broken Fathers / Broken Sons., GARGIULO, Gerald J.
Life and Death in Freud and Heidegger., CAREL, Havi
Aesthetic Experience., HAGMAN, George
Watching and Praying., HAARTMAN, Keith
Constructing Realities., CHARLES, Marilyn
The Ethic of Honesty., THOMPSON, M. Guy
Beneath the Crust of Culture., STEIN, Howard F.

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