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Series and Journals
Bookcover  Clio Medica: Perspectives in Medical Humanities
Clio Medica: Perspectives in Medical Humanities
Giving the Art and Science of Healthcare a New Look

ISSN 0045-7183

General Editor:
Brian Dolan, University of California, San Francisco
Anne-Emanuelle Birn, University of Toronto
Cornelius Borck, Institute for the History of Science, Lubeck
Patrizia Guarnieri, University of Florence
Anita Guerrini, Oregon State University
Rhodri Hayward, Queen Mary, University of London
Jessica Howell, Center for Humanities and Health, King's College, University of London
Niranjan Karnik, University of Chicago Medical Center
Guy Micco, University of California, Berkeley
Christer Nordlund, Umeå University
Johanna Shapiro, University of California, Irvine

We are pleased to announce a new era for the successful Clio Medica series, now titled Clio Medica: Perspectives in Medical Humanities. The new series is published by Rodopi and the University of California Medical Humanities Consortium, under the guidance of an international editorial board and a strict peer-reviewing process.

The series invites scholars from the humanities and health care professions to share narratives and analysis on health, healing, and the contexts of our beliefs and practices that impact biomedical inquiry. Scholarship in history of medicine, literature and medicine, medical anthropology or sociology, and creative writing are welcome.

An electronic version of the corresponding volumes is included in print subscriptions: volume 50 onwards.

FREE ONLINE SAMPLES: More than 15 volumes are temporarily free online: Click the Online Access button above.

Clio Medica Style Sheet

Clio Medica (back issues)

Vol. 1-5 published by Pergamon Press/London (SOLD OUT);

Vol. 6-17 published by B.M. Israel/Amsterdam (available from Rodopi);

Vol. 18-20 published by Rodopi and still available.

The Wellcome Institute Series in the History of Medicine 1988-1992 volumes published by Routledge, London.
94  Scottish Medicine and Literary Culture, 1726-1832., Coyer, Megan J. and David E. Shuttleton (eds) NEW
93  After Darwin: Animals, Emotions, and the Mind., Richardson, Angelique (Ed.)
92  Representing Argentinian Mothers., Eraso, Yolanda
91  Divine Doctors and Dreadful Distempers., Sumich, Christi
90  Life Writing and Schizophrenia., Wood, Mary Elene
89  Making and Marketing Medicine in Renaissance Florence., Shaw, James and Evelyn Welch
88  The Stepchildren of Science., Wolffram, Heather
87  The Imperial Laboratory., Kichigina, Galina
86  Permeable Walls., Mooney, Graham and Jonathan Reinarz (Eds)
85  ‘The Cruel Madness of Love’., DAVIS, Gayle
84  Attending Madness., MONK, Lee-Ann
83  'A Cheap, Safe and Natural Medicine'., MADDEN, Deborah
82  Control and the Therapeutic Trial., EDWARDS, Martin
81  British Military and Naval Medicine, 1600-1830., HUDSON, Geoffrey L. (Ed.)
80  Healing Bodies, Saving Souls., HARDIMAN, David (Ed.)
79  Medicine-by-Post., WILD, Wayne
78  New Medical Challenges during the Scottish Enlightenment., RISSE, Guenter B.
77  Emblematic Monsters., BATES, A.W.
76  Irritating Experiments., STEINKE, Hubert
75  Making Health Policy., BERRIDGE, Virginia (Ed.)
74  The Cape Doctor in the Nineteenth Century:, DEACON, Harriet, Howard PHILLIPS, Elizabeth van HEYNINGEN (Eds.)
73  Sex and Seclusion, Class and Custody:, ANDREWS, Jonathan and Anne DIGBY (Eds.)
72  Dental Practice in Europe at the End of the 18th Century., HILLAM, Christine (Ed.)
71  Cultures of Child Health in Britain and the Netherlands in the Twentieth Century., GIJSWIJT-HOFSTRA, Marijke and Hilary MARLAND (Eds.)
70  For Fear of Pain:, STANLEY, Peter
69  The Regius Chair of Military Surgery in the University of Edinburgh, 1806-55., KAUFMAN, Matthew H.
68  The Home Office and the Dangerous Trades., BARTRIP, P.W.J.
67  The Road to Medical Statistics., MAGNELLO, Eileen and Anne HARDY (Eds.)
66  Biographies of Remedies., GIJSWIJT-HOFSTRA, M., G.M. VAN HETEREN and E.M. TANSEY (Eds.)
65  Turquet de Mayerne as Baroque Physician., NANCE, Brian
64  Bacchic Medicine., PAUL, Harry W.
63  Cultures of Neurasthenia., GIJSWIJT-HOFSTRA, Marijke and Roy PORTER (Eds.)
62  'Captain of all these men of death'., JONES, Greta
61  Women and Modern Medicine., HARDY, Anne and Lawrence CONRAD (Eds.)
60  Regenerating England., LAWRENCE, Christopher and Anna-K. MAYER (Eds.)
59  Malthus, Medicine, & Morality., DOLAN, Brian (Ed.)
58  From Lesion to Metaphor., HODGKISS, Andrew
57  Dangerous Liaisons., DAVIDSON, Roger
56  Pathologies of Travel., WRIGLEY, Richard and George REVILL (Eds.)
55  Medicine and Modern Warfare., COOTER, Roger, Mark HARRISON & Steve STURDY (Eds.)
54  Surgery, Skin and Syphilis., WILSON, Philip K.
53  Drugs on Trial., MAEHLE, Andreas-Holger
52  James Cowles Prichard's Anthropology., AUGSTEIN, H.F.
51  The Beast in the Mosquito., BYNUM, W.F. and Caroline OVERY (Eds.)
50  Constructing Paris Medicine., HANNAWAY, Caroline and Ann LA BERGE (Eds.)
49  Cultures of Psychiatry and Mental Health Care in Postwar Britain and The Netherlands., GIJSWIJT-HOFSTRA, Marijke and Roy PORTER (Eds.)
48  From Physico-Theology to Bio-Technology:, BAYERTZ, Kurt and Roy PORTER (Eds.)
47  Out of Otherness., MOOIJ, Annet
46  Ashes to Ashes., LOCK, Stephen, Lois REYNOLDS and E.M. TANSEY ( Eds.)
45  Operative Chymist., MORSON, Anthony
44  Medicine and Morals in the Enlightenment., Haakonssen, Lisbeth
43  Social Medicine and Medical Sociology in the Twentieth Century., PORTER, Dorothy (Ed.)
42  JT Wilson and the Fraternity of Duckmaloi., MORISON, Patricia
41  Accidents in History., COOTER, Roger and Bill LUCKIN (Eds.)
40  A Short History of Cardiology., FLEMING, P.R.
39  The Correspondence of James Jurin (1684-1750)., RUSNOCK, Andrea A. (Ed.)
38  Fantasy Surgery, 1880-1930:, DALLY, Ann
37  Marshall Hall (1790-1857):, MANUEL, Diana E.
36  Metropolitan Maternity., MARKS, Lara V.
35  Warm Climates and Western Medicine:, ARNOLD, David (Ed.)
34  The Health of Prisoners., CREESE, Richard, W.F. BYNUM and J. BEARN (Eds.)
33  Essays in the History of the Physiological Sciences., DEBRU, Claude (Ed.)
32  The Science and Culture of Nutrition, 1840-1940., KAMMINGA, Harmke and Andrew CUNNINGHAM (Eds.)
31  Gesundheit und Krankheit im 18. Jahrhundert / Santé et maladie au XVIIIe siècle., HOLZHEY, Helmut und Urs BORSCHUNG (Hrsg.), in Zusammenarbeit mit Stefan HÄCHLER und Martin STUBER
30  The History of Medical Education in Britain., NUTTON, Vivian and Roy PORTER (Eds.)
26  The History of Public Health and the Modern State., PORTER, Dorothy (Ed.)
25  French Medical Culture in the Nineteenth Century., LA BERGE, Ann and Mordechai FEINGOLD (Eds.)
24  Doctors and Ethics:, WEAR, Andrew, Johanna GEYER-KORDESCH and Roger FRENCH (Eds.)
23  Doctors, Politics and Society: Historical Essays., PORTER, Dorothy and Roy PORTER (Eds.)
22  Essays in the History of Therapeutics., BYNUM, W.F. and V. NUTTON (Eds.)
21  Clinical Teaching, Past and Present., BEUKERS, H. and J. MOLL (Eds.)

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