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Series and Journals
Bookcover  Cross/Cultures - Readings in the Post/Colonial Literatures in English
Readings in the Post/Colonial Literatures in English
(Includes ASNEL Papers, ed. President, Association for the Study of the New Literatures in English)

ISSN 0924-1426

Series Editors: Gordon Collier, Bénédicte Ledent, †Hena Maes-Jelinek, Geoffrey Davis

Editorial Address:

Dr. Gordon Collier
Department of English and American Studies
Justus Liebig University, Giessen
Otto-Behaghel-Strasse 10

Fax ++ 49 641 99 30089
177  Syncretic Arenas., Diala, Isidore (ed.) NEW
176  Tracing the New Indian Diaspora., Dwivedi, Om Prakash (Ed.) NEW
175  “Through the long corridor of distance”., Baisnée, Valérie NEW
174  Sexual Feelings., Valovirta, Elina NEW
173  Decolonizing the Landscape., Neumeier, Beate and Kay Schaffer (Eds.)
172  Derek Walcott, The Journeyman Years, Volume 2: Performing Arts., Balme, Christopher and Gordon Collier (Eds.)
171  Derek Walcott, The Journeyman Years, Volume 1: Culture, Society, Literature, and Art., Collier, Gordon (Ed.)
170  Postcolonial Studies Across the Disciplines., Gohrisch, Jana and Ellen Grünkemeier (Eds.)
169  After Melancholia., Munos, Delphine
168  African Literatures and Beyond., Lindfors, Bernth and Geoffrey V. Davis (Eds.)
167  Transcultural Identities in Contemporary Literature., Gilsenan Nordin, Irene, Julie Hansen, and Carmen Zamorano Llena (Eds.)
166  Ethical Encounters., Korkka, Janne
165  The Politics of Adaptation., Van Weyenberg, Astrid
164  Transgressing Boundaries., Oldfield, Elizabeth F.
163  “Mouths on Fire with Songs”., De Wagter, Caroline
162  Spatial Relations. Volume Two., Kinsella, John
161  Spatial Relations. Volume One., Kinsella, John
160  Distorted Bodies and Suffering Souls., Kwast-Greff, Chantal
159  Speaking the Earth’s Languages., Cooke, Stuart
158  Entangled Subjects., Grossman, Michèle
157  Crossing Borders, Dissolving Boundaries., Viljoen, Hein (Ed.)
156  Postcolonial Translocations., Munkelt, Marga, Markus Schmitz, Mark Stein, and Silke Stroh (Eds.)
155  Unreliable Truths., Helff, Sissy
154  Oral Literature for Children., Mushengyezi, Aaron
153  Trauma, Memory, and Narrative in the Contemporary South African Novel., Mengel, Ewald and Michela Borzaga (Eds.)
152  White Vanishing., Tilley, Elspeth
151  Biomapping Indigenous Peoples., Berthier-Foglar, Susanne, Sheila Collingwood-Whittick and Sandrine Tolazzi (Eds.)
150  Transgressive Transcripts., Fu, Bennett Yu-Hsiang
149  Engaging with Literature of Commitment. Volume 2., Collier, Gordon, Marc Delrez, Anne Fuchs, and Bénédicte Ledent (Eds.)
148  Engaging with Literature of Commitment. Volume 1., Collier, Gordon, Marc Delrez, Anne Fuchs, and Bénédicte Ledent (Eds.)
147  The Lonely and the Alone., D'Cruz, Doreen and John C. Ross
146  Caryl Phillips., Ledent, Bénédicte and Daria Tunca (Eds.)
145  Literature for Our Times., Ashcroft, Bill, Ranjini Mendis, Julie McGonegal, and Arun Mukherjee (Eds.)
144  Things Done Change., Chambers, Eddie
143  “So There It Is”., Wallinger-Schorn, Brigitte
142  On Representation., Hamilton, Grant
141  Narrating Indigenous Modernities., Moura-Koçoglu, Michaela
140  Acts of Visitation., López, María J.
139  Islanded Identities., McCusker, Maeve and Anthony Soares (Eds.)
138  Savage Songs & Wild Romances., O'Leary, John
137  Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart., Whittaker, David (Ed.)
136  The Splintered Glass., Herrero, Dolores and Sonia Baelo-Allué (Eds.)
135  Narrating from the Margins., Haliloglu, Nagihan
134  Striding Both Worlds., Kennedy, Melissa
133  Creating the National Mosaic., Richter, Miriam Verena
132  Projections of Paradise., Ramsey-Kurz, Helga and Geetha Ganapathy-Doré (Eds.)
131  Lighting Dark Places., Kossew, Sue (Ed.)
130  Exit., Helgesson, Stefan (Ed.)
129  Hybrid Cultures – Nervous States., Lindner, Ulrike, Maren Möhring, Mark Stein, and Silke Stroh (Eds.)
128  Remembering Patrick White., McMahon, Elizabeth and Brigitta Olubas (Eds.)
127  Commodifying (Post)Colonialism., Emig, Rainer and Oliver Lindner (Eds.)
126  The Ring of Recollection., Batty, Nancy Ellen
125  Cultural Transformations., Prentice, Chris, Vijay Devadas, and Henry Johnson (Eds.)
124  “For Was I Not Born Here?”., Rønning, Anne Holden
123  Rites of Passage in Postcolonial Women's Writing., Dodgson-Katiyo, Pauline and Gina Wisker (Eds.)
122  The Rose and the Lotus., Mercanti, Stefano
121  Local Natures, Global Responsibilities., Volkmann, Laurenz, Nancy Grimm, Ines Detmers, and Katrin Thomson (Eds.)
120  Denis Williams: A Life in Works., Williams, Charlotte and Evelyn A. Williams (Ed.)
119  Chewing Over the West., Jedamski, Doris (Ed.)
118  Shared Waters., Borg Barthet, Stella (Ed.)
117  A Sea for Encounters., Borg Barthet, Stella (Ed.)
116  Word & Image in Colonial and Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures., Meyer, Michael (Ed.)
115  Arab Voices in Diaspora., Al Maleh, Layla (Ed.)
114  Secretary of the Invisible., Marais, Mike
113  Island Paradise: The Myth., Murray, Melanie A.
112  Multimodality in Canadian Black Feminist Writing., Casas, Maria Caridad
111  Odún., Boscolo, Cristina
110  Frameworks., Cronin, Jan and Simone Drichel (Eds.)
109  Reading Pakeha?, Stachurski, Christina
108  The Crowning of a Poet’s Quest., Loreto, Paola
107  From Creole to Standard., Mooneeram, Roshni
106  Translation of Cultures., Rüdiger, Petra and Konrad Gross (Eds)
105  Africa Writing Europe., Olaussen, Maria and Christina Angelfors (Eds)
104  The Changing Face of African Literature / Les nouveaux visages de la littérature africaine., De Meyer, Bernard and Neil ten Kortenaar (eds)
103  Memory and Myth., Darroch, Fiona
102  Transcultural English Studies., SCHULZE-ENGLER, Frank and Sissy HELFF (Eds)
101  The Caribbean Writer as Warrior of the Imaginary - L’Ecrivain caribéen, guerrier de l’imaginaire., Gyssels, Kathleen and Bénédicte Ledent (Eds.)
100  Decolonizing the Lens of Power., KNOPF, Kerstin
99  Other Tongues., IYER, Nalini and Bonnie ZARE (Eds.)
98  Nkyin-Kyin., GIBBS, James
97  Writing the Nation., DRIESEN, Cynthia vanden
96  The ‘Air of Liberty’., PHAF-RHEINBERGER, Ineke
95  Embracing the Other., MOHR, Dunja M. (Ed.)
94  Bodies and Voices., FALCK BORCH, Merete, Eva RASK KNUDSEN, Martin LEER and Bruce Clunies ROSS (Eds.)
93  Postcolonial Identity in Wole Soyinka., MSISKA, Mpalive-Hangson
92  Five Emus to the King of Siam., TIFFIN, Helen (Ed.)
91  The Pain of Unbelonging., COLLINGWOOD-WHITTICK, Sheila (Ed.)
90  Global Fragments., BARTELS, Anke and Dirk WIEMANN (Eds.)
89  Readings of the Particular., RØNNING, Anne Holden and Lene JOHANNESSEN (Eds.)
88  Ambition and Anxiety., HENRIKSEN, Line
87  Hidden Mutualities., MITCHELL, Michael
86  The Labyrinth of Universality., MAES-JELINEK, Hena
85  Global Fissures., JOSEPH, Clara A.B. and Janet WILSON (Eds.)
84  Re-Membering the Black Atlantic., ECKSTEIN, Lars
83  The Power of the Word - La puissance du verbe., CRIBB, T.J. (Ed.)
82  Alternative Indias., MOREY, Peter and Alex TICKELL (Eds.)
81  Still Beating the Drum., STIEBEL, Lindy and Liz GUNNER (Eds.)
80  The Infinite Longing for Home., LIM, David C.L.
79  Towards a Transcultural Future., DAVIS, Geoffrey V., Peter H. MARSDEN, Bénédicte LEDENT & Marc DELREZ (Eds.)
78  Fabulating Beauty., GAILE, Andreas (Ed.)
77  Towards a Transcultural Future., DAVIS, Geoffrey V., Peter H. MARSDEN, Bénédicte LEDENT and Marc DELREZ (Eds.)
76  Towards a Transcultural Future., MARSDEN, Peter H. & Geoffrey V. DAVIS (Eds.)
75  a.k.a. Breyten Breytenbach:, LÜTGE COULLIE, Judith and J.U. JACOBS (Eds.)
74  Transient Questions., GUNNARS, Kristjana (Ed.)
73  Where Are the Voices Coming From?, HOWELLS, Coral Ann (Ed.)
72  Conciliation – Compulsion - Conversion., FALCK BORCH, Merete
71  Resisting Alterities., FAZZINI, Marco (Ed.)
70  Beyond Empire and Nation., NGABOH-SMART, Francis
69  African Diasporas in the New and Old Worlds:, FABRE, Geneviève and Klaus BENESCH (Eds.)
68  The Circle & the Spiral., KNUDSEN, Eva Rask
67  “Trading Magic for Fact,” Fact for Magic., COLAVINCENZO, Marc
66  Diaspora and Multiculturalism, FLUDERNIK, Monika (Ed.)
65  The Politics of English as a World Language., MAIR, Christian (Ed.)
64  Mongrel Signatures., OBOE, Annalisa (Ed.)
63  Literary Culture and Female Authorship in Canada 1760-2000., HAMMILL, Faye
62  Ici-Là., GALLAGHER, Mary (Ed.)
61  Voices of Justice and Reason., DAVIS, Geoffrey V.
60  Theatre of the Arts., MAES-JELINEK, Hena and Bénédicte LEDENT (Eds.)
59  Crabtracks., COLLIER, Gordon & Frank SCHULZE-ENGLER (Eds.)
58  Missions of Interdependence., STILZ, Gerhard (Ed.)
57  Deep hiStories., WOODWARD, Wendy, Patricia HAYES and Gary MINKLEY (Eds.)
56  Canada’s Best Features., WALZ, Eugene P. (Ed.)
55  Manifold Utopia., DELREZ, Marc
54  The Booker Prize and the Legacy of Empire., STRONGMAN, Luke
53  Fertile Crossings., DEANDREA, Pietro
52  Caught Between Cultures., RUSSELL, Elizabeth (Ed.)
51  Writing Across Cultures., SOUGOU, Omar
50  Playing the Market., FUCHS, Anne
49  The Flight of the Vernacular., FUMAGALLI, Maria Cristina
48  Mapping the Sacred., SCOTT, Jamie S. and Paul SIMPSON-HOUSLEY (Eds.)
47  Telling Stories., BARDOLPH, Jacqueline (Ed.)
46  Tricks with a Glass., DAVIS, Rocío G. & Rosalía BAENA (Eds.)
45  Rewriting God., LINDSAY, Elaine
44  The Luxury of Nationalist Despair., SIMOES DA SILVA, A.J.
43  Translating Kali's Feast., STEPHANIDES, Stephanos with Karna SINGH
42  Shifting Continents/Colliding Cultures., CRANE, Ralph J. & Radhika MOHANRAM (Eds.)
41  Being/s in Transit., GLAGE, Liselotte (Ed.)
40  Borderlands., REIF-HÜLSER, Monika (Ed.)
39  Coterminous Worlds., LINGUANTI, Elsa, Francesco CASOTTI & Carmen CONCILIO (Eds.)
38  South African Theatre as/and Intervention., BLUMBERG, Marcia and Dennis WALDER (Eds.)
37  The Oral-Style South African Short Story in English., MACKENZIE, Craig
36  Free-Lancers and Literary Biography in South Africa., GRAY, Stephen
35  Inlets of the Soul., FRANÇOIS, Pierre
34  New Fiction in English from Africa. West, East, and South., VIOLA, André, Jacqueline BARDOLPH and Denise COUSSEY
33  The Body in the Library., DALE, Leigh and Simon RYAN (Eds.)
32  Across the Lines., KLOOSS, Wolfgang (Ed.)
31  Spiritcarvers., SARTI, Antonella
30  (Un)writing Empire., D'HAEN, Theo (Ed.)
29  In Other Words., WILLIAMS, Barbara
28  Aratjara., RIEMENSCHNEIDER, Dieter and Geoffrey V. DAVIS (Eds.)
27  Pen and Power., KOSSEW, Sue
26  Fusion of Cultures?, STUMMER, Peter O. and Christopher BALME (Eds.)
25  Difference and Community., EASINGWOOD, Peter, Konrad GROSS and Lynette HUNTER (Eds.)
24  African Theatre and Politics. The evolution of theatre in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe., PLASTOW, Jane
23  Defining New Idioms and Alternative Forms of Expression., BREITINGER, Eckhard (Ed.)
22  And the Birds Began to Sing., SCOTT, Jamie S. (Ed.)
21  Afrique plurielle., GÉRARD, Albert
20  A Talent(ed) Digger., MAES-JELINEK, Hena, Gordon COLLIER and Geoffrey V. DAVIS (Eds.)
19  The Guises of Canadian Diversity/ Les masques de la diversité canadienne., JAUMAIN, Serge & Marc MAUFORT (Eds.)
18  Images of the Antipodes in the Eighteenth Century., FAUSETT, David
17  La Route., FIOUPOU, Christiane
16  Reading Rushdie., FLETCHER, M.D. (Ed.)
15  Writing my Reading., HORN, Peter
14  Comparative Approaches to African Literatures., LINDFORS, Bernth
13  The Crafting of Chaos., KUESTER, Hildegard
12  "Return" in Post-Colonial Writing., MIHAILOVICH-DICKMAN, Vera (Ed.)
11  Major Minorities., GRANQVIST, Raoul (Ed.)
10  Verbal Riddim., HABEKOST, Christian
Imagination and the Creative Impulse in the New Literatures in English., BINDELLA, M.-T. and G.V. DAVIS (Eds.)
The Politics of Art:, JEWINSKI, Ed and Andrew STUBBS (Eds.)
Re-Siting Queen's English Text and Tradition in Post-Colonial Literatures., WHITLOCK, Gillian and Helen TIFFIN (Eds.)
Us / Them., COLLIER, Gordon (Ed.)
The Rocks and Sticks of Words., COLLIER, Gordon
The African Palimpsest., ZABUS, Chantal
Contexts of African Literature., GÉRARD, Albert
Crisis and Creativity in the New Literatures in English:, DAVIS, Geoffrey V. (Ed.)

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