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Bookcover  Samuel Beckett Today/Aujourd'hui
Samuel Beckett Today/Aujourd’hui
An Annual Bilingual Review/Revue Annuelle Bilingue

ISSN 0927-3131

Founding editors: Marius Buning and Sjef Houppermans

Chief Editors: Sjef Houppermans (The Netherlands)and Angela Moorjani (USA)
Editorial Board: Matthijs Engelberts (The Netherlands), Sjef Houppermans (The Netherlands), Danièle de Ruyter (The Netherlands), Angela Moorjani (USA), Dirk Van Hulle (Belgium), Mark Nixon (UK)

Advisory Board: Chris Ackerley (New Zealand), Enoch Brater (USA), Mary Bryden (UK), Lance Butler (France), Bruno Clément (France), Stan E. Gontarski (USA), Onno Kosters (The Netherlands), Paul Lawley (UK), John Pilling (UK), Jean-Michel Rabaté (USA) and Dominique Viart (France)

A refereed bilingual journal, Samuel Beckett Today / Aujourd’hui (SBT/A) has established itself as one of the leading international journals in the dynamic field of Beckett studies. A guiding principle of the journal is its openness to diverse disciplinary domains, theoretical perspectives, and discourse styles of scholars writing on Beckett. Bilingual since its inception, it aims to foster dialogue across languages, cultures, and disciplines. The journal welcomes submissions in English and French from all parts of the world provided they contribute a new understanding to the extensive literature on Beckett and meet the tests of readability and scholarship.
SBT/A uses a double-blind peer review. A newly received submission is forwarded to two referees with the request to complete their evaluations and recommendations within three-months period. Each submission is also briefly reviewed by the editorial board members. The editorial board bases its decision to accept or reject a submission on the referees' reports and the board members' evaluations. Notification to the author includes the referees' comments and a list of corrections and requests for revisions, when applicable.

La revue bilingue Samuel Beckett Today / Aujourd’hui (SBT/A), a su se faire reconnaître comme une des revues internationales de pointe dans le domaine très dynamique des études beckettiennes. L’un des principes directeurs de cette revue est son ouverture à la diversité des champs d’étude, des perspectives théoriques et des approches stylistiques des chercheurs travaillant sur Beckett. Bilingue depuis sa fondation, la revue cherche à encourager le dialogue entre les langues, les cultures et les disciplines différentes. La revue accueille des propositions en anglais et en français provenant de tous les coins du monde, pourvu que celles-ci, en s’inscrivant dans la liste déjà longue des études sur Beckett, contribuent à apporter une compréhension nouvelle de cette œuvre, tout en répondant aux critères requis de lisibilité et de sérieux scientifique. Les propositions sont soumises au controle évaluatif par les pairs.

“…excellent bilingual series…”
Theatre Research International, vol.28/1 2003

“…[a] valuable series…”
The European Legacy, Vol. 10, 2005

Guidelines for contributors in English and French and a cumulative index of the Samuel Beckett Today/Aujourd'hui are available via The Samuel Beckett Engpage*SBECKETT&n=38143
by clicking on "Beckett Journals."

Editorial correspondence in French:

Dr Sjef Houppermans
University of Leiden
Department of French
P.O. Box 9515
The Netherlands

Editorial correspondence in English:

Prof. Angela Moorjani
Modern Languages, Linguistics, and
Intercultural Communication
University of Maryland - UMBC
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250


SUBSCRIPTIONS (starting 2012)
- There is no annual subscription rate.
- The prices vary per volume, depending on the number of pages.

Subscription options:
Online-only access : 80 % (of the print and online price)
Print : 90% (of the print and online price)
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The prices of Samuel Beckett Today/Aujourd'hui are as indicated. For Individual subscribers 50% off the subscription rate for the volumes 1,3,4,5.
26  Revisiting Molloy, Malone meurt / Malone Dies and L’Innommable / The Unnamable., Tucker, David, Mark Nixon and Dirk Van Hulle (eds) NEW
25  Beckett in the Cultural Field / Beckett dans le champ culturel., Siess, Jürgen, Matthijs Engelberts and Angela Moorjani (Eds.)
24  Early Modern Beckett/Beckett et le début de l’ère moderne., Moorjani, Angela, Danièle de Ruyter, Dúnlaith Bird and/et Sjef Houppermans (Eds.)
23  Filiations & Connexions/Filiations & Connecting Lines., Mével, Yann, Dominique Rabaté and/et Sjef Houppermans (Eds.)
22  Samuel Beckett: Debts and Legacies., Tonning, Erik, Matthew Feldman, Matthijs Engelberts and Dirk Van Hulle (Eds.)
21  Where Never Before., Houppermans, Sjef, Angela Moorjani, Danièle de Ruyter, Matthijs Engelberts and Dirk Van Hulle (Eds.)
20  Des éléments aux traces/Elements and Traces., ENGELBERTS, Matthijs, Danièle de RUYTER, Karine GERMONI and Helen PENET-ASTBURY (Eds.)
19  Borderless Beckett / Beckett sans frontières., OKAMURO, Minako, Naoya MORI, Bruno CLÉMENT, Sjef HOUPPERMANS, Angela MOORJANI and Anthony UHLMANN (Eds.)
18  “All Sturm and no Drang”., HULLE, Dirk Van and Mark NIXON (Eds.)
17  Présence de Samuel Beckett / Presence of Samuel Beckett., HOUPPERMANS, Sjef (Ed.)
16  "Notes diverse holo"., ENGELBERTS, Matthijs, Everett FROST with Jane MAXWELL
15  Historicising Beckett / Issues of Performance., BUNING, Marius, ENGELBERTS, Matthijs, HOUPPERMANS, Sjef, HULLE, Dirk Van, RUYTER, Danièle de (Eds.)
14  After Beckett / D’après Beckett., UHLMANN, Anthony, Sjef HOUPPERMANS, Bruno CLÉMENT (Edited by/Edité par)
13  Three Dialogues Revisited/Les Trois dialogues revisités., BUNING, Marius, Matthijs ENGELBERTS, Sjef HOUPPERMANS, Danièle de RUYTER-TOGNOTTI (Eds.)
12  Pastiches, Parodies & Other Imitations. Pastiches, Parodies & Autres Imitations., BUNING, Marius, Matthijs ENGELBERTS, Sjef HOUPPERMANS (Eds.)
11  Samuel Beckett: Endlessness in the Year 2000. Samuel Beckett: Fin sans fin en l’an 2000., MOORJANI, Angela and Carola VEIT (Eds.)
10  L'Affect dans l'oeuvre beckettienne., ENGELBERTS, Matthijs, Sjef HOUPPERMANS, Yann MEVEL & Michèle TOURET (Eds.)
Beckett and Religion/Beckett/Aesthetics/Politics. Beckett et la religion/Beckett/L’Esthétique/La politique., BUNING, Marius, Matthijs ENGELBERTS & Onno KOSTERS (Eds.)
Poetry and Other Prose/Poésies et autres proses., ENGELBERTS, Matthijs, Marius BUNING and Sjef HOUPPERMANS (Eds.)
Beckett versus Beckett., BUNING, Marius, Danielle de RUYTER, Matthijs ENGELBERTS and Sjef HOUPPERMANS (Eds.)
Samuel Beckett: Crossroads and Borderlines., BUNING, Marius, Matthijs ENGELBERTS, and Sjef HOUPPERMANS (Eds.)
Beckett & la psychanalyse & Psychoanalysis., HOUPPERMANS, Sjef (Ed.)
Intertexts in Beckett's Work et/ou Intertextes de l'oeuvre de Beckett., Buning, Marius et Sjef Houppermans (Eds.)
Beckett in the 1990s., BUNING, Marius and Lois OPPENHEIM (Eds.)

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