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Bookcover  On the Boundary of Two Worlds: Identity, Freedom, and Moral Imagination in the Baltics
On the Boundary of Two Worlds.
Identity, Freedom, and Moral Imagination in the Baltics.

ISSN: 1570-7121

"The publishers, Rodopi, deserve thanks for their work in bringing neglected topics from the Baltic states to light in an admirable series called "On the Boundary of Two Worlds: Identity, Freedom, and Moral Imagination in the Baltics" … a commendable series”
Edward Lucas, The Economist

"The series “On the Boundary of Two Worlds: Identity, Freedom, and Moral Imagination in the Baltics” published by Rodopi … is probably the best, most serious, and scholarly body of work ever produced in the English language about the Baltic States."
Lituanus – Volume 57:3, Fall 2011

“[This initiative] sounds indeed fascinating”
Zygmunt Bauman

“a new and welcome series on the Baltic region”

Founding Editor:
Leonidas Donskis, Professor and Vice-President for Research at ISM University of Management and Economics, Lithuania.

Associate Editor:
Martyn Housden, University of Bradford, UK

Does it make sense to refer to the social and political existence of the Baltic countries as to being between civilizations of East and West, or as being on the boundary of two worlds? What are the most characteristic features of modern moral imagination? How does it manifest itself in the politics and cultures of the Baltic countries? These will be the main foci of the book series intended and launched as a critical examination of identity, politics, and culture in the Baltic countries. We are not going to confine this series to Soviet and post-Communist studies. By offering a wide scope of the social science and humanities disciplines, we would like to encourage intercultural dialogue and also to pursue interdisciplinary research in the field of Baltic studies.

Editorial and Advisory Board

Timo Airaksinen, University of Helsinki, Finland
Egidijus Aleksandravicius, Lithuanian Emigration Institute, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania
Aukse Balcytiene, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania
Stefano Bianchini, University of Bologna, Forlě Campus, Italy
Endre Bojtar, Institute of Literary Studies, Budapest, Hungary
Ineta Dabasinskiene, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania
Pietro U. Dini, University of Pisa, Italy
Robert Ginsberg, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Andres Kasekamp, University of Tartu, Estonia
Andreas Lawaty, Nordost-Institute, Lüneburg, Germany
Olli Loukola, University of Helsinki, Finland
Bernard Marchadier, Institut d'études slaves, Paris, France
Silviu Miloiu, Valahia University, Targoviste, Romania
Valdis Muktupavels, University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia
Hannu Niemi, University of Helsinki, Finland
Irina Novikova, University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia
Yves Plasseraud, Paris, France
Rein Raud, Tallinn University, Estonia
Alfred Erich Senn, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, and Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania
André Skogström-Filler, University Paris VIII-Saint-Denis, France
David Smith, University of Glasgow, UK
Saulius Suziedelis, Millersville University, USA
Joachim Tauber, Nordost-Institut, Lüneburg, Germany
Tomas Venclova, Yale University, USA
Tonu Viik, Tallinn University, Estonia

Editorial Address:

European Parliament
Bât. Altiero Spinelli 10G217
60, rue Wiertz / Wiertzstraat 60
B-1047 Bruxelles/Brussel

38  In the Captivity of the Matrix., Švedas, Aurimas NEW
37  On their own behalf., Housden, Martyn NEW
36  Prelude to Baltic Linguistics., Dini, Pietro U.
35  Baltic Eugenics., Felder, Björn M. and Paul J. Weindling (Eds.)
34  The Human Sausage Factory., Kalmre, Eda
33  The Life and Thought of Lev Karsavin., Rubin, Dominic
32  Transitions of Lithuanian Postmodernism., Kvietkauskas, Mindaugas (Ed.)
31  Undigested Past., Voren, Robert van
30  Forgotten Pages in Baltic History., Housden, Martyn and David J. Smith (Eds.)
29  The last ambassador., Tamman, Tina
28  Post-Communist Democratisation in Lithuania., Janušauskiene, Diana
27  Soldiers of Memory., Kőresaar, Ene (Ed.)
26  Shrinking Citizenship., Golubeva, Maria and Robert Gould (Eds.)
25  From Recognition to Restoration., Smith, David J., David J. Galbreath and Geoffrey Swain (Eds.)
24  Adopting and Remembering Soviet Reality., Leinarte, Dalia (Ed.)
23  Cold War in Psychiatry., Voren, Robert van
22  A cat’s lick., Agarin, Timofey
21  Selected Papers., Sesemann, Vasily (Edited by Mykolas Drunga, and Leonidas Donskis)
20  1939: The Year that Changed Everything in Lithuania’s History., Liekis, Sarunas
19  Lithuania in the 1920s., Heingartner, Robert W.
18  Minority Integration in Central Eastern Europe., Agarin, Timofey and Malte Brosig (Eds.)
17  On Dissidents and Madness., VOREN, Robert van
16  The Thing and Art., ŠLIOGERIS, Arvydas
15 NEW  The Case for Latvia. Disinformation Campaigns Against a Small Nation., Rislakki, Jukka NEW
14  Names of Nihil., ŠLIOGERIS, Arvydas
13  Continuity and Change in the Baltic Sea Region., GALBREATH, David J., Ainius LAŠAS and Jeremy W. LAMOREAUX
12  Neighbours or enemies?, HIDEN, John and Martyn HOUSDEN
11  Making Russians., STALIUNAS, Darius
10  Lost and Found., PAULAUSKIENE, Aušra
Lithuania 1940., SENN, Alfred Erich
Aesthetics., SESEMANN, Vasily
Vasily Sesemann., BOTZ-BORNSTEIN, Thorsten
Baltic Postcolonialism., KELERTAS, Violeta (Ed.)
Upton Sinclair: The Lithuanian Jungle., SUBACIUS, Giedrius
Loyalty, Dissent, and Betrayal., DONSKIS, Leonidas; Preface by Zygmunt Bauman
The Baltic States and their Region., SMITH, David J. (Ed.)
Estonia., SUBRENAT, Jean-Jacques (Ed.) Translated into English by David Cousins, Eric Dickens, Alexander Harding, Richard C. Waterhouse.
The Vanished World of Lithuanian Jews., NIKŽENTAITIS, Alvydas, Stefan SCHREINER & Darius STALIUNAS (Eds.)

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