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Series and Journals
The Continuing Relevance of John Dewey.
Reflections on Aesthetics, Morality, Science, and Society.
Hickman, Larrry A., Matthew Caleb Flamm, Krzysztof Piotr Skowronski and Jennifer A. Rea (Eds.)
Amsterdam/New York, NY, 2011, VI, 322 pp.
Pb: 978-90-420-3232-3
€ 66 / US$ 92
eBook: 978-90-420-3233-0
€ 66 / US$ 92

Value Inquiry Book Series
Central European Value Studies

The present volume encapsulates the contemporary scholarship on John Dewey and shows the place of Dewey’s thought on the philosophical arena. The authors are among the leading specialists in the philosophy of John Dewey from universities across the US and in Europe.

Larry Hickman: Introduction
John Ryder: Experience, Knowledge and Art
James Campbell: Aesthetics as Social Philosophy
Robert E. Innis: The ‘Quality’ of Philosophy: On the Aesthetic Matrix of Dewey’s Pragmatism
Krzysztof Piotr Skowronski: Social and Political Powers in John Dewey’s Aesthetics
Richard Anthony Spurgeon Hall: The Deweyan Aesthetic of Charles Ives
Sebastian Stankiewicz: Qualitative Thought, Thinking Through the Body, and Embodied Thinking: Dewey and his Successors
Ramón del Castillo: John Dewey and the Ethics of Recognition
Ángel M. Faerna: Dewey’s Value Theory and the Analytic Tradition of Moral Philosophy
Matthew Caleb Flamm: Santayana’s Critique of Dewey’s Philosophy: Pragmatic Moralism and the Politicization of Philosophy
Hugh McDonald: Dewey’s Theory of Values
Science and Logic
Larry Hickman: Scientific Concepts in Dewey’s Pedagogy
Philipp Dorstewitz: Dewey’s Science: A Transactive Model of Research Processes
Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen: A Hedgehog Who Thought He Was a Fox: Dewey Betwixt the One and Many-World Philosophies
Walter Feinberg: Teaching Religion in Public Schools: A Critical Appraisal of Dewey's Ideas on Religion and Education
Jacquelyn Ann K. Kegley: John Dewey and Josiah Royce in Dialogue on the Individual and Community
Maciej Kassner: John Dewey and Friedrich von Hayek on Individualism and Freedom
Gregory Fernando Pappas: Dewey’s Ethical-Political Philosophy as Resource in Today’s Global Crises and as A Guide to a Post-Ideological Politics for the 21st Century
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