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Moving Forward, Holding Fast:
The Dynamics of Nineteenth-Century French Culture.
COOPER, Barbara T. and Mary DONALDSON-EVANS (eds.)
Amsterdam/Atlanta, GA, 1997, 239 pp.
Pb: 978-90-420-0224-1 / 90-420-0224-7
€ 42 / US$ 59

Faux Titre

An era of remarkable change and progress, the nineteenth century was in every sense of the word dynamic. In France, writers and artists reflected the ambivalence of their compatriots to the relentlessly changing world around them. The essays assembled here, selected from the Twenty-first annual Nineteenth-Century French Studies Colloquium held at the University of Delaware in 1995, bear witness to this ambivalence. They also testify to an impressive array of approaches to the theme of "movement," from the literal to the literary, the social and socially conscious to the unconscious. The three-part collection ("Thrust and Drag," "Travel and Exile," "Uncontrolled Movement") features essays by well-known British, Canadian, French, and American scholars on such authors as Balzac, Baudelaire, Flaubert, Gautier, Maupassant, Stendhal, and Zola and on such artists as Puvis de Chavannes, Millet and Corot.

Contents: Acknowledgements. Introduction. PART I: THRUST AND DRAG. Jacques NEEFS: Vitesse de Stendhal. Graham FALCONER: Le mouvement a triomphé de la résistance: esquisse d'une phénoménologie balzacienne. Aline MURA: Mouvement et fixité dans La Recherche de l'Absolu de Balzac. Michael TILBY: Ursule Mirouët, or Balzac and the Coach to Paris. Angela MOGER: Placing Changes: Nineteenth-Century French Narrative on the Move. Marshall OLDS: Value and Social Mobility in Flaubert. PART II: TRAVEL AND EXILE. Louis FORESTIER: Mouvement et immobilité chez Guy de Maupassant. Jean-Claude SUSINI: Tornéo/Bornéo: Changements de cap et embrayage isotopique dans "Any Where out of the World" de Baudelaire. Benjamin McRAE AMOSS/Melanie HAWTHORNE: "Il ne convient pas ... de regarder un spectacle si impropre": The Touristic Gaze as Theme and Structure in Gautier's Jettatura. Gretchen SCHULTZ: Loathsome Movement: Parnassian Politics and Villard's Revenge. Jennifer SHAW: The Wandering Gaze: Modernism, Subjectivity and the Art of Pierre Puvis de Chavannes. Françoise GAILLARD: "Où": L'inconnue d'un siècle qui pourtant va de l'avant. Rae Beth GORDON: Laughing Hysterically: Gesture, Movement and Spectatorship in Early French Cinema. Index.

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