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Series and Journals
Contemporary Pragmatism. Volume 8, Number 2, December 2011.

Aboulafia, Mitchell and John R. Shook (Eds.)
Amsterdam/New York, NY, 2011, VI, 212 pp.
Pb: 978-90-420-3467-9
€ 44 / US$ 62
eBook: 978-94-012-0748-5
€ 44 / US$ 62

Contemporary Pragmatism

Symposium on Obama and Pragmatism
Mark Sanders and Colin Koopman: Introductory Notes on the Obama and Pragmatism Symposium
Bart Schultz: Pragmatist in Chief: Further Reflections on the Pragmatism of Barack Obama
Paul C. Taylor: Is It Sometime Yet?
Mark Sanders: Obama’s Principled Pragmatism
Joseph Winters: The Audacity to Mourn: Obama, Pragmatism, and the Agony of Progress
Noëlle McAfee: Obama’s Call for a More Perfect Union
Judith Green: Reframing Barack Obama’s Thick Philosophical Pragmatism: An Experiment in Democratic Redirection
Shane J. Ralston: Obama’s Pragmatism in International Affairs
Colin Koopman: Pragmatist Interpretations of Obama: On Two Ways of Being a Pragmatist
Michael Eldridge: Linking Obama’s Pragmatism to Philosophical Pragmatism: Obama as a Pragmatic Democrat (and Why it Matters)
Jerome A. Popp: John Dewey’s Democratic Intentionality
Paul Ott: Moral Pluralism, Moral Motivation, and Democracy: A Critique of Talisse’s Epistemic Justification of Democracy
J. Caleb Clanton and Andrew T. Forcehimes: A Peircean Epistemic Argument for a Modest Multiculturalism
Mark Dietrich Tschaepe: John Dewey’s Conception of Scientific Explanation: Moving Philosophers of Science Past the Realism-Antirealism Debate
Essay Review
Richard Shusterman: Feeling Beyond the Text: Reflections on The Rorty Reader

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