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Where and how to order
All books can be ordered through your local bookshop. You may also order directly from Rodopi:
228 East 45th Street, 9E
New York, NY 10017


T 1-800-225-3998
F 1-800-853-3881
Toll-free in the USA
T 212-265-6360 (paid)

Inspirees International
Ocean Express F-803
Xiaguangli 66
100027 Beijing

T + 86 (0)10 84467947
F + 86 (0)10 84467847
Free service line:
400 661 8717  

Editions de Boccard
11, rue de Mιdicis
F-75006 Paris

T +33 1 43 26 00 37
F +33 1 43 54 85 83
Overseas Media
Plot no. 45, Sector 29
Faridabad 121 008 Haryana

T +0129 4041373
F +0129 2505284

All other countries
Tijnmuiden 7
1046 AK Amsterdam
The Netherlands

T + 31 20/6114821
F + 31 20/4472979  

Please include the following information with your order:
  • Author/Editor, title, ISBN, and price of the book you want to order.
  • When ordering a subscription: series or journal title.
  • Your name.
  • The delivery address (including postcode and country)
Book prices
Prices are indicated in Euro and in US$. Please note that the prices in US$ may change without notice due to fluctuations in the $ exchange rate.
Unless requested otherwise, all international shipments are sent via surface mail (= Standard Shipping).

Shipping rates: USA Rest of the World
Standard Mail: First item € 5.-
Every subsequent item € 2.50
First item € 7.-
Every subsequent item € 4.-
Air Mail: First item € 19,-
Every Subsequent item € 4.-
First Item € 21.-
Every subsequent item € 4.-
Many recent Rodopi books are also available as e-books. 
You cannot order these e-books directly from Rodopi. For more information on purchase and access, please visit one of these vendors :
Trade & author discounts
A discount applies to all book trade orders and orders from Rodopi authors. When you use the shopping cart you can apply for a discount during the registration process. In the field "Account Type" select "Author Discount" or "Reseller Discount". It will take several business days for our staff to manually check if your request is legitimate. If our findings are positive we will grant you the appropriate discount and you will be notified by e-mail. You are then free to order with a discount. This is a one-time process. The next time you order, the discount will apply automatically.
Unless you provide a VAT number, Value Added Tax will be charged for orders within the EU.

The Rodopi VAT number is NL819521218B01

Choice of payment methods

Shopping Cart checkout provides a wide choice of payment methods , and are processed in a fully secure environment via WorldPay. See: for more information.

All countries have their own set of payment methods: credit cards (with SSL and/or SET), ELV, bank transfer, direct debit, carte bancaire, on-line banking etc. The system supports over 60 of the most common payment methods, so you can pay your way, with a payment method you are familiar with, in the language and currency you prefer. Payment and ordering per credit card and online banking methods is instantaneous, other methods will take longer.

Returns policy
If a book you have ordered shows shipping damage or an evident defect upon receipt, we ask you to report it immediately. The item in question must be returned to us upon receipt.

For returns under any other conditions, you are required to notify us first (indicating the original invoice number), and to request a written authorization from our office. (
All returned goods must be packed properly and accompanied by (a copy of) the original invoice.

Return addresses:

Returns from North America


Returns from other continents

Tijnmuiden 7
1046 AK Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Requesting review copies

Please specify whether you are an editor/review editor, and indicate the journal or newspaper you represent.

For freelance/independent reviewers: specify your activity and list some recent reviews (publication, date, etc.). E-mail your request to Kindly send us a copy of the published review.
Examination copies policy
We only consider requests that contain:
  • your specific affiliation.
  • the course (-s) for which the book is intended
  • the date when the course is scheduled in your school year
  • approximate number of students

Our examination policy is to invoice you at a twenty-five percent academic discount, plus shipping charge. We would appreciate hearing from you within sixty days from receipt of the book, at which time you may choose from the following options: 

  • Adopt the book for classroom use with personal notification that an order of ten copies or more has been placed with your college or university bookstore. The charge for that examination copy will be cancelled and the book will become your free desk copy. 

  • Purchase the book for your personal library at the 25% discounted price by returning a copy of the invoice together with your full credit card number and expire date. 

  • Return the book, which is not appropriate for your purpose.


Tijnmuiden 7
1046 AK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T: +31-20-611 48 21
F: +31-20-447 29 79

228 East 45th Street, 9E
New York, NY 10017
T: 1-800-225-3998
F: 1-800-853-3881
Toll-free in the USA