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Future as Fairness.
Ecological Justice and Global Citizenship.
Amsterdam/New York, NY, 2004, XIX, 261 pp.
Pb: 978-90-420-1109-0 / 90-420-1109-2
€ 58 / US$ 81
eBook: 978-94-012-0103-2
€ 58 / US$ 81

At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries

Twenty years after the establishment of the World Commission on Environment and Development, the 13 contributions in this interdisciplinary volume offer a broad spectrum of perspectives and research-based recommendations on environmental sustainability, social justice and the human enterprise. The cases explored cover global citizenly rights and obligations, environmental health, ecological building practices, tradable fuel permits, forestry and illegal logging, local waste management, employment and risk assessments, the genetic modification debate, nuclear and toxic waste, global environmental governance and 500 years of globalization.

PART I Facing the Challenges
Andrew DOBSON: Ecological Citizenship and Global Justice: Two Paths Converging?
Ivan IVANOV, Angela G. MERTIG and Roberto BERTOLLINI: Environment and Health in Post-Communist Societies: Public Concerns, Attitudes and Behaviour
J.D. WULFHORST and Jennifer KAMM: America’s Nuclear Waste: Tribal Sovereignty, Injustice, and Technological Conflict
Achim SCHLÜTER: Views from a Producer Town: Public Perceptions, Technology and the Distribution of Environmental Risks
Peter T. ROBBINS, Elisa PIERI und Guy COOK: GM Scientists and the Politics of the Risk Society
PART II Taking Responsibility
Lucy H. FORD: The Power of Technocracy: A Critical Analysis of the Global Environmental Governance of the Toxic Waste Trade
Evy CRALS, Mark KEPPENS and Lode VEREECK: Tradable Fuel Permits: Towards a Sustainable Road Transport System
Bob FOWLES: The Quest for ‘A Beautiful Act’: Meeting Human and Ecological Rights in Creating the Sustainable Built Environment
Roselle MIKO and Shirley THOMPSON: The Environmental Impact of Housing: Local and Global Ecological Footprint of a House
PART III Building Alliances
Paul TOYNE: Forestry and Illegal Logging: Law, Technology and the Environment in Natural Resource Management
Ruby PAP: Solid Waste Management in Jamaica: Household and Institutional Perspectives
Anne K. HAUGESTAD: Norwegians as Global Neighbours and Global Citizens
Robert WOOG and Vladimir DIMITROV: Globalisation from a Complexity Perspective: Explored not as an Abomination but as Irresistible Human Enterprise
Notes on Contributors

Anne K. Haugestad is the former President of Norway’s most influential environment and solidarity NGO, The Future In Our Hands (1990-92, 1996-98). She is currently conducting her doctorate research on motivational paths towards cooperative and sustainable development at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

J.D. Wulfhorst is a rural community sociologist in the Department of Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology at the University of Idaho, where he also directs the Social Science Research Unit. He is engaged in interdisciplinary research related to natural resources and agricultural settings. He teaches on law, ethics, and the environment.

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