Convergences and Interferences.
Newness in Intercultural Practices. Ecritures d’une nouvelle ère/aire.
GYSSELS, Kathleen, Isabel HOVING and Maggie Ann BOWERS (Editors)
Amsterdam/New York, NY, 2001, 293 pp.
Pb: 978-90-420-1538-8 / 90-420-1538-1
€ 70 / US$ 98

Thamyris /Intersecting: Place, Sex and Race

How does one imagine plurality? How does one find new strategies for writing diversity and polyphony? How does one read the most challenging creative and critical works of the present time?

This bi-lingual volume of twelve English and eight French papers proposes to breach linguistic critical frontiers by placing careful analysis of texts from different language traditions in a multi-lingual and multi-cultural dialogue. In this collection of theoretically and politically aware close readings of contemporary cultural production, the focus of analysis rests on the multiple and complex global convergences and interferences of cultural influences. The collection foregrounds the work of innovative writers who seek to express the ungraspable presence of cultural “newness” at the same time as situating themselves in the richness of detail of local lives. This volume, most particularly, finds a balance of critical approach between the everyday attempts at negotiation and survival, and the insight brought to the reader by postcolonial, syncretic and feminist theoretical analysis.

Contents: Editorial Preface to the First Issue of the New Series
Introduction: Newness, Survival, Place
Shani MOOTOO: Dual Citizenship, Elsewhereness, and the Sources of Creativity
1. How to Imagine Plurality?
Suzanne CROSTA: Des poétiques de relation et de globalisation dans la Caraïbe francophone.
Judith MISRAHI-BARAK: Doing Away With Boundaries: Canadian Writers of Caribbean and Asian Descent.
Dominique LICOPS: Redefining Culture, Politicizing Nature: Negotiating the Essentialism of Natural Metaphors of Identification in the Work of James Clifford and Aimé Césaire.
2. Locations of Power, Sites of Resistance
Luc RASSON: Un dictateur subalterne? A propos d'une peine à vivre
Marie-Agnès SOURIEAU: Evelyn Accad ou la blessure des mots
Inge BOER: Public Violence Enters the Private: Assia Djebar and Hanan al-Shaykh on Civil War
Odile FERLY: The Fanonian Theory of Violence in Women’s Fiction from the Caribbean
Chandra CHATTERJEE: The ‘Unfettered Vacuum’ – A Postcolonial Reading of Journey to Ithaca and Fasting Feasting
3. New Strategies of (Re)Writing
Marita WENZEL: Integrations and Mutations in Recent South African Writing
Marie-José N’ZENGOU: Pan-Caribbean Identity in the Writing of Haitian, Cuban, and Dominican Writers in America.
Eric FOUGÈRE: L’Echo de Narcisse, ou les voix du miroir: la nouvelle en Nouvelle-Calédonie
Nadia LIE: Hispanicity and Resistance in Global Culture: The Stories of Zorro.
4. Embodying Polyphony
Véronique BRAGARD: Eaux obscures du souvenir: femme et mémoire dans l’oeuvre d’Ananda Devi
Isa VAN ACKER: Polyphonie et altérité dans Onitsha et Etoile Errante.
Kanika BATRA: Geographical and Generic Traversings in the Writings of Amitav Ghosh
5. Counter-readings: New Ways to Read New Writers
Eurídice FIGUEIREDO: Répéter les clichés? Représentations d’Haïti et du Brésil dans la littérature migrante du Québec
Wim VAN MIERLO: Spatial Memory in Chaneysville Incident and Dear Future: New Literatures, History, and Literary History
Carl-Hermann MIDDELANIS: ‘Worldpainting’, Art-vaudou, et/ou Néo-baroque: le peintre haïtien Edouard Duval-Carrié
Nandini BHATTACHARYA: A City Visible But Unseen
The Contributors/Les collaborateurs