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Company profile

We are an independent academic publishing house. Since our beginnings - over forty years ago - we have been truly international. Although our main language of publication is English, our multilingual list includes German, French, and Spanish.

We publish over 150 titles per year. These monographs and collective volumes form our varied program of more than 80 series, for a wide readership of scholars, academics, and other discerning readers.

In our backlist - of around 4000 titles - you will find already-established and continually growing series within our main subject areas:
  • Art and Music
  • Cinema
  • History
  • History and Theory of Law
  • History of Medicine
  • History of Science
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Literature and Culture
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Social and Political Sciences
  • Theology
We are committed to publishing series that generate new domains as a response to the needs of academics and their fields, from different areas of specialization.

One of Rodopi's distinctive policies has been to maintain a close relationship with leading and internationally oriented teams of scholars from different continents.

Rodopi seeks to continue playing a vital role in promoting projects of high quality and innovation. This is clearly reflected in our ground-breaking series. They are specialized, yet cover wide areas. They are peer reviewed and efficiently monitored by their Editors. These include:
  • Clio Medica: Perspectives in Medical Humanities
  • Critical Studies
  • Contemporary Cinema
  • Contemporary Pragmatism
  • Contemporary Psychoanalytic Studies
  • Cross/Cultures
  • European Joyce Studies
  • European Studies
  • Faux Titre
  • Fichte-Studien
  • Grazer Philosophische Studien
  • International Series in the Psychology of Religion
  • Language and Computers
  • Postmodern Studies
  • Teoría Literaria: Texto y Teoría/Estudios Culturales
  • Value Inquiry Book Series
Over the years, Rodopi has gained in strength and international scope, being frequently reviewed in scholarly journals as well as in major periodicals, newspapers, magazines and publications of general interest.

As an academic publisher with a firm foothold on both sides of the Atlantic - in Amsterdam and New York - Rodopi has steadily provided a channel of academic exchange for scholars from around the world.


Submitting a book proposal
Whether it is an author's monograph or a selection of essays by different authors under the editorship of one or more scholars, your initial proposal should contain the following basic information, in addition to the title , authors'/editors' name, and affiliations:
  • A preliminary description or overview, preferably not longer than two pages. This summary should center on your book's subject and give an idea of how that subject is developed or from which perspective/s it is being approached.
  • Whenever relevant, provide information about illustrated material or any other special graphic features that might be required.
  • A succinct authors'/editors' information sheet to acquaint the appropriate editors with your qualifications.
  • Marketing information describing the prospective readership for your book.
  • Authors'/editors' originality versus marketplace competition: list recently published books that would compete with yours and, if possible, provide a synopsis of one to two sentences describing each. Mention how your proposed book will be different from the other titles.
  • If available, include a table of contents. In the case of a collection of essays by different authors around a central subject, add the contributors' affiliations.
  • Your typescript. If already completed, specify the total number of words, including index, references and all other sections. If your project is in progress, give us an estimated date of completion and delivery, and approximate total length.
Upon receipt, we will forward your proposal to one or more general editors and/or editorial boards of the series for which your book would be most suitable. It usually takes them 2-3 weeks to consider it and decide whether to go further with it. We request that you send the complete manuscript only after a corresponding editor or board expresses interest in your proposal.

Once you have sent us the manuscript, the subsequent period of consideration by the editorial board is approximately three months.

During this period we expect you to refrain from simultaneous or multiple submissions to other publishers.

You can help us process your proposal if you adhere to the standard format of submission described above.


Proposals for new series
For the prospective series, we are open to proposals from scholars who are well-informed about current research and in tune with the latest developments within their specific academic fields or disciplines.

We are especially interested in research which does not follow trends but anticipates new directions, and in projects aimed at further improving a vision towards cross-disciplinarity.


Author copyright and self-archiving policies
Pre-print: author can archive pre-print (i.e. pre-refereeing)
Post-print: author can archive post-print (i.e. final draft post-refereeing)
  • Author's own final version can be archived
  • On author's website or institutional repository
  • Publisher's version/PDF cannot be used
  • Published source must be acknowledged
  • Must link to publisher version

Also see the SHERPA/ROMEO list


Links to other homepages
Information about titles published by Rodopi may be found in other homepages which are handled independently from our own site. For any problems you may encounter, we suggest you contact their maintainers directly. Authors and editors are invited to contact Eric van Broekhuizen to add their home page.

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